MCU phase 4 theater work first `` Black Widow '' trailer is released, Black Widow's unknown past and secret is unraveled

A special video of '

Black Widow ', the first movie of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Phase 4, which is popular all over the world, has been released. It depicts the unknown past of Black Widow, a former Russian spy played by Scarlett Johansson, and the back of Civil War / Captain America .

`` Black Widow '' special news worldwide simultaneous ban-YouTube

The story is set in Russia.

“I didn't have anything,” Black Widow monologized looking into the mirror.

Black Widow staring at ballerina girls

'Soon I found a mission'

'Family too'

An action scene where Black Widow descends with a rope while shooting with a two-handed handgun.

'But there is no eternal thing.'

The scene changes and Black Widow is moving. In response to the voice of 'I'm in a hurry' ...

“Recently a little difficult” is returned.

'There are various things, but I can't escape from the past anymore'

Black Widow looks around each room, holding a gun.

“I thought I was coming”.

While continuing to be vigilant, Black Widow replied, 'I've made you wait.'

“Can adults talk?”

What appeared was Elena (act:

Florence Pew )


Two people fighting with synchronized movements like mirror matching.

There is also a scene where Elena throws Black Widow on her back.

After a fierce fight, Black Widow said, “I am happy to meet my sister.”

Elena asks, “Why did you come back?” To Black Widow.

'What I've left behind'

Black Widow standing on the battlefield

'In the place where everything started'

A scene of jumping from the helicopter to the middle of soldiers holding rifles.

Villain, aim with a bow from armored vehicles

task master also appeared. In the original comic series, it is an enemy with the ability to copy the human movements that have been seen.

The thing that came out by kicking out an extremely thick iron door ...

Red Guardian , Russian Captain America (act: David Harbor )

The suit looks like this.

To Red Guardian who is pleased to be wearing a suit saying 'I can still wear it' ...

“It ’s fat.”

The action scene where the fat Guardian who got fat plays an active part is drawn.

Black Widow escapes from a collapsing building by skydiving

Enemy who pursues while falling

“Black Widow” will be released in Japan on Friday, May 1, 2020.

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