Kentucky holds all-you-can-eat chicken all-you-can-eat on 1st September 9th

In commemoration of the birth of the founder Kentaro Sanders, Kentucky announced that you can eat all you can eat "Original Chicken" at stores only on September 9, 2015 (Wednesday). All-you-can-eat campaign was held for two days in July where there is a founding date in recent years, but in 2015 it will be held for only one day only on September 9, and you can eat only potatoes and drinks in addition to the original chicken It is OK.

9/9 (Wed) limited kernel birth anniversary «Kernel's Day» All-you-can-eat chicken! | Kentucky Fried Chicken

The conditions of this time are as follows.

Implementation date:
Wednesday, September 9, 2015 11: 00-19: 00 (Time zone is different depending on the store, so it is necessary search)

Reservation method:
Shop front of each store, reservation accepted by phone

Time limit:
45 minutes

Junior high school student or more tax included 1500 yen
Elementary school student tax included 1000 yen
Less than elementary school students are free

In addition, you can search for all you can eat at stores below.

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