Kentucky will hold "All-you-can-eat Original Chicken" on July 3rd and 4th, All you can eat potato and all you can drink

Together with Kentucky's founding date July 4"Founding commemoration" Original chicken "all you can eat! "It is clear that it will be carried out at 565 Kentucky Fried Chicken stores nationwide on a complete reservation basis for 2 days only on July 3 (Wednesday) and 4 (Thursday). All you can eat potato as well as chicken, you can drink as much as you want, store you can search from the official website below.

Kentucky Fried Chicken | All you can eat the original chicken

In short, either July 3rd or July 4th, the time zone is booked between 11 o'clock and 19 o'clock, and we go to the store before July 2 and settle the money in advance (surely checkout with checkout and order Since it was crowded last year, Ali) to improve this place, on the day, "Original chicken" 3 to 5 pieces + 1 "French fries" (S) + 1 "soft drink" (M) 1 ration And you can also get an "all you can eat" sheet for additional orders, so if you use it for 45 minutes or less you can have all you can eat all you can eat.

Also, the following points are precautions, so you know well what happened with the last menu of all you can eat.

· Because it is a complete reservation system, it may not be the desired date and time
· All-you-can-eat hours vary depending on stores
· All you can eat is prepayment
· For inquiries directly to the store in question
· The time limit is 45 minutes per person
· When using multiple people, it will be charged for the number of people used
· For elementary school students (3 to 6 years old), free for one adult per person. It is 600 yen per person from the second person.
· For all you can eat, you can not combine with other discount such as coupons.
· It is necessary to visit the store on the day before 10 minutes before the appointed time. In addition, if a delay in time occurs, please contact the store as soon as possible.
· All you can eat is only in the restaurant. Take-away of the leftover goods is impossible.
· All you can eat is the original chicken and potatoes, soft drinks are all you can drink.
· Chicken part designation is not good
· In the case of a substitute it becomes a unit of original chicken 1 to 3 pieces, potato S, soft drink M
· If you can not keep the above precautions you may be able to leave
· It may be canceled due to various circumstances

The reservation reception is to be started from each store scheduled to be all-you-can-eat from June 19 (Wednesday), and the price is 1200 yen including tax.

In addition, last year it was almost like this.

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