Super director SF movie "Eridium" trailer with Japanese subtitles in the "9th district" release, the battle where the computer is embedded in the body of the person and betting the future of all human beings begins

In 2154, human beings were bipolarized to rich people living in the space colony "Eridium" and the poor who live in the devastated Earth and are not allowed to go to the Eridium, Rose (Jodie Foster) It is trying to eliminate the human beings of the earth to maintain the beautiful life to perfection by the perfection, Max (living in the earth) (Matt · Daemon) becomes the life of only 5 days by the accident, and the opportunity to treat their own body In order to meet and exploit the exploitation that dominates this absurd world, SF movie that embeds computer in his body and aims for Elridium being defended by strict immigration law and armed ... "Eridium"is.

"Eridium" Trailer with Japanese subtitles - YouTube

As for the director, if you draw a documentary style of the conflict between the alien who have been lost in Johannesburg in South Africa and the human being who oppresses it, and a superb SF movie "9th district becoming a furious battle SF when you notice it "Neil Bromcamp has become the director, the nationwide release is open from August 9th, and in Japan it has been released from September 20th (Friday).

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