All-you-can-eat steak, hamburger and chicken is "steak noodle" and restored only on 1st August 29th

All-you-can-eat beef steak that was held for 3 days in 2012It will be revealed that it will revive on "Meat Day" on August 29 (Thursday). Details are as below.

All you can eat with steak! | Co., Ltd.

The time limit is 120 minutes and the reception time is from 11 o'clock to 22 o'clock

There are three types of courses, from which one can be ordered

· All-you-can-eat Cut steak course: 2000 yen including tax
Cut steak + hamburg + chicken steak

· Libro in steak you can eat all course: 2500 yen including tax
Libroin steak + cut steak + hamburg + chicken steak

· All-you-can-eat course: 500 yen including tax
Applicable to third grade elementary school students

The mechanism is as follows, first of all the specified steaks and dishes are brought in each course, so after you finish eating them all you are free to change again.

Details of the menu which can be replaced are as follows and it is OK up to 2 items in one order. In addition, we also offer free rice, bread and soup. The last order is 90 minutes after the first order.

In addition, as a result of challenging last year, how was it from below. First time menu + It is considerably profitable because you can get original enough just by something.

All-you-can-eat menu of steak + hamburg + chicken all day in the "Steak noodle" limited today, I went to challenge with haste - GIGAZINE

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