Kentucky launches 'Bone-free Kentucky' from January 9, 2014

Seasoned soft breast chicken breast with 11 kinds of herbs & spices same as "Original chicken" of Kernel · Sanders secret secret, and a new menu cooked hand-made at the store's special pressure cooker is "Kentucky without bones"is. The release date is January 9 th (Thursday) 2014, the price is 240 yen for 1 piece tax.

The taste of handmade original chicken at the shop can be tasted with boneless chicken!
'Bone-free Kentucky' New release on January 9
~ Simultaneous sale of deals with "Original Chicken" combined ~

According to the release of Kentucky "※ The material is cut as it is, there are occasions when bone remains rarelyAlthough it is said that, basically it seems that it does not seem to be problematic thinking that you can go as it is.

Also, as a pack menu combining "Boneless Kentucky" and "Original Chicken"4 pieces Bone None Kentucky trial pack: 1000 yen including tax(2 Kentucky without bones, 2 pieces of original chicken, 1 piece of fried potatoes (L)) ","8 pieces Bone None Kentucky trial pack: 2000 yen including tax(Kentucky 4 without bone, 4 pieces of original chicken, 2 pieces of fried potatoes (L)) ","Grilled rice ball with no bone Kentucky trial pack: 1280 yen including tax(Kentucky 2 without bone, 2 pieces of original chicken, 2 pieces of roasted rice balls, 1 call sole (M)) "was also released, and for" one person "Bone None Kentucky 2 piece set: 690 yen including tax(2 bone Kentucky 2 piece, 1 french fries (S), 1 drink (M)) "is also equipped, so it is easier to try as" What is it for the time being "?

In addition, Kentucky sells boneless chicken in 2008 and 2011 as well as below.

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