I tried to eat 'Zaku Zaku no Kentucky Spicy Mexican Flavor', which is a crisp texture and spicy scent of clothing stimulate appetite

In Kentucky Fried Chicken we offer seasoned chicken with spices and sprinkle with spices and offering " Zaku Zaku no Kentucky Spicy Mexican Flavor " that makes clothing of cornflakes together from Thursday, September 27, 2018. I tried to eat it at once thought that the crispy texture and spicy flavor became boneless chicken that pierces the texture.

Sakuzaku texture and spicy mexican flavor appetizing appetite No bone-free chicken appeared! "Zakuzaku Kentucky Spicy Mexican Flavor without Bone" Sale on September 27 (Thu) New Release
http://www.kfc.co.jp/news_release/news180920 kfc.html

Arrived in Kentucky.

At the shop there are decorated pictures of Zaku Zaku no Kentucky Spicy Mexican flavor.

As soon as ordering, Kentucky Spicy Mexican Flavor (1 piece: 270 yen including tax) and drinks were offered.

Chicken is contained in a bag of wrapping paper, and smelling of spicy spice can be felt when bringing the face closer.

Size is like this when compared with transportation IC card.

Corn flake clothes are rugged on the surface. The clothes of cornflakes are thoroughly put in chicken at the store.

When eating, the spicy fragrance of the spice spreads all at once in the mouth. It is good to eat with drinks because there is soaked in the flavor of the spices to the inside of the juicy chicken, just as "spicy Mexican taste" is so hot. The spicy taste that adds a sense of crispness to the texture and appetite of cheeky clothes is compatibility and I want to eat at once. The clothing of the outer cornflakes did not taste and I did not feel the sweetness like the general cornflakes.

Kentucky Spicy Mexican taste is offered at Kentucky Fried Chicken shops nationwide except for some stores, but because it is limited in quantity, it will end sales as soon as it is gone.

The single item is one piece 270 yen (tax included), the set menu is as follows.

◆ " Mexican set " 690 yen (tax included): Kentucky Spicy Mexican flavor 1 piece · Kernel crispy 1 piece · Carnalling potato (S) 1 piece · drink M 1 piece.
◆ " Mexican Sand BOX " 910 yen (tax included): Zakuzaku no bone Kentucky Spicy Mexican flavor 1 piece · Chicken fillet sand 1 piece · Carnelling potato (S) 1 piece · mini apple pie 1 piece · drink M 1 piece.
◆ " Mexican pack A " 1080 yen (tax included): Kentucky Spicy Mexican flavor 2 piece · Original chicken 2 piece · Carnalling potato (S) 1 piece.
◆ " Mexican pack B " 1580 yen (tax included): Kentucky Spicy Mexican 2 taste 2 pieces original chicken 4 pieces · Carnalling potato (S) 2 pieces.

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