I tried Kentucky's 'Gokujou Hamukatsu Fillet Sandwich', which has a rich chicken meat and thick sliced hamukatsu.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, ' Gokujou Hamukatsu Fillet Sandwich ', which is a sandwich of chicken fillet and hamukatsu, has been available in limited quantities since April 20, 2022. The chicken fillet is seasoned with herbs and spices, and the ham cutlet is thick with chicken, so I actually tried it.

Lots of special ingredients! Special garlic mustard sauce for chicken fillet, hamukatsu and cabbage! 'Gokujou Hamukatsu Fillet Sandwich' was born on April 20th (Wednesday) | KFC Holdings Japan, Ltd.


Arrived at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

'Gokujou Hamukatsu Fillet Sandwich' was also added to the menu on the counter.

I ordered 'Gokujou Hamukatsu Fillet Sandwich' and 'Gokujou Cheese Hamukatsu Fillet Sandwich'.

The left is 'Gokujou Hamukatsu Fillet Sandwich' and the right is 'Gokujou Cheese Hamukatsu Fillet Sandwich'. Cheese is sandwiched between hamukatsu and chicken fillet and plays a role of sticking them together, so the height is slightly higher than the 'excellent hamukatsu fillet sandwich'. The diameter of the buns is about the same as the long side of the transportation IC card, and it gives a quick glance and gives a small impression as a hamburger.

'Extreme ham cutlet fillet sandwich' looks like this.

Freshly fried hamukatsu is comfortable to eat with the texture of chewy meat and crispy batter, and chicken fillet with herbs and spices unique to Kentucky is added, so the satisfaction when eating is considerably high. .. Some people may have the impression that 'ham cutlet' is made by battering sliced ham and fried, but this ham cutlet is thick and has an outstanding presence.

'Extreme cheese ham cutlet fillet sandwich' looks like this.

The saltiness and mellowness of the cheese are added to the overall taste, but the claim as a taste is weak, while the chicken fillet and hamukatsu are quite strong, so it seems that a little more cheese was okay.

'Gokujou ham cutlet fillet sandwich' is 490 yen including tax, and 'Gokujou cheese ham cutlet fillet sandwich' is 520 yen including tax. A set with potato (S) and drink (M) is 300 yen including tax, and a box with boneless Kentucky potato (S), drink (M) and mini apple pie is 500 yen including tax.

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