Opened permanent new store "Kentucky Fried Chicken LaLaport EXPOCITY" in Kentucky all you can eat, in addition to chicken pasta · Western style oden · salad · dessert as well as all you can eat

Kentucky makes all-you-can-eat chicken once every yearEventWe are organizing, but you can eat all you can eat "Kernel buffet"Was only one store nationwide so far. Open on November 19 th (Thu) 2015EXPOCITYI also went to the preliminary exhibition to say that an all - you - can - eat restaurant will appear again, which also reproduces the original recipe of Kernel - Sanders.

Kentucky has been in Japan for the first time in 1970's Osaka World Expo 45 years! It is! Again, we opened a buffet style & amp; restaurant type memorial store again KFC "LaLaport EXPOCITY store" November 19 Grand Opening!

All-you-can-eat restaurant in Kentucky is LaLaport EXPOCITY restaurant district in Orange SideEXPO KITCHENThere is. The place goes all the way to the left from the entrance of EXPOCITY,Nifrel,GUNDAM SQUARE,Pokemon EXPO gymI went up the stairs past the etc.

The signboard of the huge "KFC Restaurant" and the statue of Kernel Sanders is a landmark.

The statue of Kernel Sanders is not a usual white suit, but a chef dressed in a kitchen. Lower cock hat and yellow tie are fashionable.

An example menu of all you can eat was on display. Desserts, limited menu such as pasta, bread, gratin etc. that are not usually offered at stores are lining up.

Next to the entrance is a take-out dedicated window, where you can purchase original chicken, crispy, potatoes, biscuits for takeaway.

The inside of the shop looks like this and it is quite spacious.

Tree chairs and table seats ......

Sofa seat.

There are seats facing big windows.

There is a terrace seat outside the shop, and it is good to eat outside on sunny days.

A white suit and a stick were displayed in one corner of the seat, so I thought something and asked the clerk, what the kernel Sanders actually wore was the clothes.

A golden pin imitating the face of the kernel, attached to a black bow tie, is shiny and shiny.

Inside the store, the decoration of the glass shaped like this bow tie is hung from the ceiling, it reflects the light and shines brightly.

There is an exhibit depicting the life of the kernel on the wall.

I just went round the seat and I will go to the all-you-can-eat section.

We will get dishes such as dishes at the all - you - can - eat corner.

Chicken is put in the middle of the all-you-can-eat corner.

Freshly chicken is lined with the slurry, and the site is also various, so you can choose it.

While you can eat all you can eat chicken corner in the sky ... ...

Since chicken is always fried in the kitchen, you can always eat fried chicken.

In addition to chicken, we always have more than 60 different menus, so the clerks were constantly busy in the kitchen.

Menu other than chicken looks like this.


Carl potato

There is also ketchup and tartar sauce.

Western style oden, which used western-style dashi instead of Japanese style dashi

Macaroni cheese


Chicken 's tomato stew is warmed up with big broth in a big pot.



Pasta with cream sauce on top


In the salad corner, lettuce served in a huge salad bowl, paprika, tomato, corn and so on.

It is said that it is better to avoid carbohydrates in order to win all you can eat, but the fragrant scent of cheese and garlic drifts from freshly baked pizza toast & garlic toast, the hands will unexpectedly extend .

There are also plain taste breads such as croissants, brioches, ponde cakeos.

Two kinds of soup, onion soup and corn cream soup, are prepared in a state of azu.

A hot and cold soft drink for the drink corner.

There are also fresh juices such as purple and grape mix juice and yellow-fresh · mango mixed juice.

There is a dessert corner where you entered the entrance and you can see that it is completely different from ordinary Kentucky store.

8 kinds of mini size desserts such as coffee jelly and lemon jelly are lining up.

Besides cakes and jelly, there are also six kinds of ice cream, and it seems to be refresher as soon as you eat chicken.

That's why I tried several varieties from the all-you-can-eat menu.

As a sales clerk said, "Because the original chicken can choose any part of it, we want you to try everywhere."

Fried juicy chicken overflows with chewing meat juice and the crisp crust's texture is also good. It seems that we can eat any number of items.

Crispy fried fish is compatible with rich tartar sauce.

Lasagna is exquisite combination of crispy texture, white sauce and pasta of rich texture.

Chicken tomato stew is plentifully filled with finely cut ingredients.

By stewing the tomato taste is tightly condensed and soaked in the chicken, and the sourness is refreshing so the aftertaste is refreshing.

Ponde cakeo is a bread with a crispy texture containing cheese.

It is a pleasing place to have salads all-you-can-eat, as there are plenty of fried foods menu.

Corn soup is a sweet and savory taste of corn.

The price for all you can eat at Kentucky LaLaport EXPOCITY shop is tax included. Weekday for lunchtime (11 o'clock to 17 o'clock) is 2030 yen for adults, 1058 yen for elementary school students, 2138 yen for Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation, and 1166 yen for elementary school students. For dinner time (17 o'clock - 22 o'clock) on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, adults are 2678 yen, elementary school students 1382 yen.

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