I tried using "LULUNA Frozen Suites Manufacturer" that can make original shaved ice by adjusting the shaving condition of ice such as fluffy · cracker to your liking

The appearance which looked like a conventional shrink ice creatorAdult ice machineAs with the same stylish design, it is possible to further adjust the fineness of shaving ice "LULUNA Frozen Suites Manufacturer"is. It is said that we can make not only water, but also juice and milk shaved ice, and also frozen fruits can be scraped, so I actually tried making various shaved ice.

Twinbird Industry Co., Ltd. / LULUNA Frozen Suites Manufacturer

Using the LULUNA frozen sweet maker, you can see the state of making fine fluffy shaved ice with the following movie.

"LULUNA Frozen Suites Manufacturer" made fluffy shaved ice at home - YouTube

LULUNA Frozen sweets maker is in a calm atmosphere box based on dark brown.

On the side of the box there was a picture of mature shaved ice using cocktail glasses etc.

Inside of the box, in addition to the body of LULUNA Frozen Suites Manufacturer, the base to keep the main body, 3 special ice cups, instruction manual, recipe book.

The size of the main body is vertical 310 × diameter 96 mm, weighs about 850 g. It is a size that you can have it with just one hand.

Matte finish with the top of the main body as a tsurun.

Simple making with only one power switch on the front upper part. The machine is activated only while pressing the power switch so that it can make shaved ice.

LULUNA logo on the lower front part.

From the bottom you can see the blade to scrape ice, and the "cutter blade adjustment knob" for changing the scraping condition is attached.

The lower half of the main body can be disassembled into pieces.

The ice case, the ice holder plate, the inner ice case, the cutter blade fixing plate, and the main body base other than parts with rotating shafts need to be washed with water before use.

Please dry the parts washed with water and set them in the main body and insert the power cord into the outlet to complete the preparation.

LULUNA Frozen sweets maker can also use ice cubes to make shaved ice, but this time I will try freezing ice with the attached special ice cup. Because the limit line is written on the side of the cup ... ...

Pour water so as not to exceed the line.

Freeze the material in the cup for more than 4 hours in the freezer.

After frozen it took out the ice from the cup, and the ice with its heavenly top was completed.

Next I will set the frozen material to the LULUNA Frozen Suites maker. Hold the bottom of the main body and turn it counterclockwise ... ....

When pulling up straight, the inner ice case appears.

Ice is put into the inner ice case.

Put the ice holder plate on the ice.

Set up the main unit and be ready to scrape shaved ice.

LULUNA Frozen sweets manufacturer is able to cut ice only while pressing the power switch.

When pressing the switch, shaved ice came out smoothly from the bottom of the main unit.

You can see how the LULUNA Frozen Suites Maker works in the following movies.

"LULUNA Frozen Suites Manufacturer" made fluffy shaved ice at home - YouTube

At first, I tried scraping the shaving ice which was relatively simple. Just pushing the switch with the main body holding it, the ice is easy to shave as it is being shaved off.

A shaved ice for one cup of equipment was completed with a special cup of ice.

You can finish it to your favorite shaved ice by syrup or honey.

The ice which set sharpening method to "rough" is a gust of hardened texture, and it feels like orthodox shaved ice which also contains the ice katamari in some places.

After removing the main body and removing the main body and looking inside the ice case, there was a little bit of ice killing left.

Next, set the cutter blade "fine" and try making fluffy shaved ice. In addition, when cutting ice finely, it is necessary to freeze the dedicated cup horizontally so that the blade can easily hit the ice.

Next time I decided to make shaved ice using ice that frozen milk, not ice that frozen water.

LULUNA When frozen sweet maker cuts milk ice, milk shade ice is completed.

The ice that was set to "fine" for shaving was melted in the moment of inclusion in the mouth, becoming shaved ice which seems to be able to eat as much as possible with a smooth texture. The fluffy texture like cotton candy is a funny level even if it comes out in the shop, it is a pleasant place to easily shoot fluffy ice at home. By freezing milk and shaving ice, I could taste a milky flavor rather than syrup or condensed milk afterwards.

Next, I will try to make shaved ice of fruit that was published in the attached recipe book. First cut the pineapple to 2 to 3 cm square ......

Mangos are also cut in the same way and freezed in the freezer for more than 4 hours each.

Also put the base orange juice in a special ice cup and freeze it with fruits.

When the material freezes into clinkin, it first scrapes from the fruit. I put frozen mango on the ice case.

Push the ice holder plate from the top into the gap. Since fruits are sparsely shaped, they can be shaved smoothly by pressing firmly with an ice presser plate.

Set the cutter blade adjustment knob "coarse" and scrape the mango with crackling.

Then I put the pineapple in the ice case.

The way of shaving is also cut by the setting of "coarse" here. Before shaving fruits, I was worried that "It is hard to cut compared to water and milk?", But it was possible to shave irregular shapes without problems without problems.

Finally, put the frozen orange juice ice in the case ......

Change the way to cut "fine" and scrape over the fruit ice.

Orange juice Decorate fruits on shaved ice and it is completed.

Fruit ice · orange juice Shaked ice · If you try to eat raw fruits at once with a spoon, you can enjoy the taste of the material directly than the shaved ice that you put on the syrup later, the crisp feel of fruit ice and fluffy of orange juice ice ice Make a sense of texture at once. The fruit ice was slightly melted and the taste of the fruit was felt even more strongly.

Especially pineapple was frozen and sharpened by shaving and unique chewiness was born, it was a strange texture that I had never ever had.

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