I bought a soft cream maker to realize the all-you-can-eat soft cream ice cream

Ice cream can be easily purchased at convenience stores and supermarkets, but soft ice cream is soft at a higher temperature than ice and requires a special machine, so it is slightly difficult to eat at home. Where I was looking for something that could easily make something soft ice cream, I was looking for amazon to be a parallel import productCuisinart soft cream maker"I discovered. I tried using the machine for several days to realize the all - you - can - eat ice cream.

If you are a food processor / mixer, cuisinart (cuisinart)

The box of the Cuisinart soft cream maker arrived from amazon is indeed an overseas-made atmosphere.

It was a box of the size of the body of an adult male.

The name of the part is written on the back, but all in English.

I will open it at once.

When removed from the box, there was a soft cream maker in a disassembled state.

The booklet is a composition that combines recipes and instructions.

Recipes include recipes such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet & sherbet.

All manuals are written in English, so many notes are written so you need to read it using a dictionary.

We started assembly right away.

First we installed a lever to squeeze soft ice cream.

Then set the lane where the topping flows.

I will set a convenient tray when the ice drips.

Next set the lid with the mixing arm from above.

When attaching properly to the joint.

It is like this when setting a machine. It is possible to check the degree of iced or sherbet clump from the top.

It was a solid structure so that the bottom would not collapse.

Wherever I wanted to make a soft cream soon, I have to freeze the inside bowl overnight in a freezer.

Wrap the bowl in a plastic bag and put it in a cold place in the freezer.

Prepare the bowl in a freezer overnight, then prepare the material for the soft cream. Simple vanilla ice cream is a raw material of sugar, milk, vanilla essence, cream.

First, mix the sugar and the milk.

I stir until sugar is dissolved in milk.

After finishing stirring vanilla essence ... ...

Put cream 2 packs and mix further. If it is a regular amount, put twice the cream of milk and use 3/4 amount of milk sugar. Although I felt that it seemed to be flavorful before completion, I created it as it is tentatively.

When preparation is completed, put the vanilla ice cream element in the machine.

Set a bowl chilled overnight ... ...

Put the vanilla ice cream sauce into a chilled bowl using your egg. At this time, if the lever squeezing out the soft cream is downwards, care must be taken because the potta botanical liquid drips.

Put the mixing arm in the bowl of ice cream.

Turn on the switch and start making soft cream.

Moving the machine for a while, the cream bubbled.

You can check where the soft cream maker is moving from the following movies.

I tried moving a cuisineart soft cream maker - YouTube

I mixed for about 15 minutes, and the ice cured gradually.

Completely soft cream when it mixes for about 30 minutes.

Because the cream was too foaming due to too much mixing, the movement of the machine was quite late.

Since it seems that the machine will not move if the soft cream solidifies further, we will squeeze out the soft cream.

A soft cream was completed.

The tray is quite useful, as the soft cream can not spare and falls down.

I squeezed the second time and stopped halfway.

Apparently it seems that the cream has completely solidified and the machine has stopped moving.

In that case you only have to use a spoon to serve a cone and a soft cream on a plate.

When I tried it, the taste of cream and sugar was intense, making a delicious American-like delicious taste of cream and sugar, despite not using any American ingredients. The texture of the soft cream was similar to that of a cream-based soft cream that eats in IKEA and others because it is like a whipped cream because of the cream's milk fat content exceeding 20% .

After using it you can easily make it by hanging hot water, but you have to polish well as the fat has attached to the equipment considerably.

Frozen yoghurt, if you stir yoghurt into stirring sugar in milk, stir it.

Set the raw frozen yoghurt of the machine ......

It has grown considerably in about 10 minutes.

I tried stirring for 30 minutes and chilled, but the machine never stopped moving.

Frozen yoghurt is completed by squeezing.

When making frozen yoghurt according to recipe, make milk fat and sugar much weaker compared to soft cream, making sourness easier to make. The amount of this sugar should be perceived exactly well for Japanese people, and it seemed that there was no problem by making it according to the recipe.

I had forgotten toppings because the vanilla flavored soft cream had settled at the very early speed at the previous time, but when I put the topping in the cup next to it, it looks like this.

With the soft cream maker moving, pulling the previous white lever moves the lower gear, the topping will flow out

When the rest became short, the frozen yogurt also solidified.

Next I will try making strawberry ice cream. Materials are Cream, Milk, Strawberry, Sugar, Vanilla Essence.

Firstly, milk, strawberry, sugar crashed until it became uniform with a mixer.

When it crashes, mix cream.

In the same way put the ice cream element into the machine on the machine.

I used frozen strawberries and the temperature of the ice cream element was low, so it started to clump in less than 10 minutes.

Before completely solidifying, squeeze out the soft cream.

When I try to eat, although the taste of cream is slightly stronger, it has a moderate sweetness compared to normal vanilla soft cream and it also feels good to have a sour taste. Fine adjustment to the introduced recipe seems unnecessary, but I felt a little more milk fat was weak.

In the end it got completely solid, so you still have to eat it early or it will be necessary to stop the machine when it solidifies to a certain extent.

Finally I will make Lemon's Solve. Material is water · lemon · 100% lemon juice · sugar prepared. I decided to make it without buying lemon juice this time.

First heat the water, mix sugar and mix until it melts. If sugar dissolves in water, stop the fire and cool the heat.

I squeezed lemon for making lemon juice.

Pour lemon juice and cut lemon peel into chilled sugar water.

Set the mixture of sugar water and lemon on the machine and mix it while chilling.

I started to clump little by little in about 15 minutes.

I turned the machine for more than 30 minutes, but it did not become solid and stuck. The color becomes quite whitish.

Although it mixed for a long time with chilling, Solve was rather soft.

I tried moving it to a dish because it seems to be difficult to put on a cone.

When I try to eat it, the taste of lemon acidity is strong despite having plenty of sugar when made according to recipe. Although it never is bad, it is a recipe made for Americans so it seems to be said that seasoning is not suitable for Japanese people. It seems better to make less ingredients such as sugar, cream and lemon.

If you make any recipe with the regular amount, it is recommended that you make less than half the recipe because the capacity to eat at once is not enough for five people and the speed at which ice cakes is slow. As frozen foods can not be enjoyed if you freeze them, it seems that calculation of the amount to eat is essential when making it.

The price of the Cuisinart soft cream maker is amazon and includes 15,980 yen including tax. It takes a while because it is necessary to freeze the bowl one day ago, but it seems to be good when you party at home.

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