In "Electric fluffy snow shaving ice bin" I made a missed cotton snowy candy or Taiwanese shaved ice in my opinion like this

"Mango shaved ice boom"Taiwan style shaved ice, such as the ice monster that created the ice monster, is not a sweet that can be easily handled at home because it is difficult to make with ordinary ice-cream, so resembling the nearest Mr. Donut"Cotton Snow CandyAlthough it is easy and easy to order ", Doshisha appeared from"Electric soft fluffy snow shakerI used Taiwanese shaved ice at home even if I used it, so I tried making it actually using it.

Product Features | Doshisha's Electric Fluffy Moss Snow Shaker

This is an electrically-powered fluffy snow-shaker, and the mango shaved ice is printed on the package.

Inside the box was an electric fluffy snow shaker body, a lidded ice cup, a Taiwanese shaved ice recipe, and an instruction manual.

The electric fluffy mica snow shaker is slightly larger than the 12.1-inch laptop, and it's about the size of a small coffee maker.

On the top is a handle and a power button to remove the top of the main unit.

The bottom only has a slip stopper.

Especially on both sides there is nothing like a button, it's extremely simple.

The power cord on the back extends from the top and consideration is taken to be safe even if the desk and the top of the table are flooded.

In the part of the blade that scrapes the shaved ice, a screw for adjusting the height of the blade is attached, it is possible to scrape roughly by adjusting the screw and roughly sharpen it, and if you lower it you can sharpen it finely.

Pull the handle attached to the top of the main unit to "OPEN" ......

The main body can get out of hands.

The part that the metal barb sticking to the main body jumps out is named "Spike base" and it is used to firmly hold down the ice.

It is an ice case with a blade attached to the stand part from which the main body was removed.

Electric soft fluffy snow shaving ice cup has two dedicated ice cups, putting water in it and putting the base of shaved ice in Taiwan, making ice for the electric fluffy snow shaker ice box .

The size of the ice making cup can be held with one hand.

"Mango ice" for dedicated recipes ... ....

"Chocolate ice" "Ichigo milk ice" Not only seems to be delicious, but also a pretty recipe has been posted, so I will try making it at once.

The first challenge is mango ice. Prepare orange juice 20 g, mango puree 150 g, sugar 10 g.

First of all, we will orange juice

Next, I dropped the mango puree I bought at supermarket supermarket.

I put sugar and put it on a low heat.

Stir well and evenly.

Complete if the whole melts.

Pour into special ice cup ... ...

Let me freeze it.

Another dedicated cup is left, so I challenge chocolate ice this time.

Chocolate ice material is chocolate syrup 30 g, milk 120 g, condensed milk 15 g.

Put all ingredients in the bowl ...

I stir well.

It is ok when mixing well.

Close the lid tightly and go to the freezer. I will wait until it becomes ice.

When the ice is about to be completed, first prepare the main body.

Fit the ice case into the stand.

When fitting, turn the screw counterclockwise to set the setting that can be cut most finely.

Set in a case called an inner ring, which was set in an ice case.

The ice case is OK if you set so that the adjustment screw comes in front.

Let's make from mango ice.

Ice is set so that the bottom part of the ice making cup is on top. You should be able to pull out the colon and ice by pushing the bottom of the cup with the ice making cup facing downward.

Cover the body from above ... ...

While pushing it in, press the handle to "LOCK".

Place the container where the ice comes out ... ...

Prepare the power cord by inserting it into the outlet.

When pressing the power button, the ice is scraped while making a sound called a queen. Also, when you release the power button, it stops cutting, so you had to keep pressing it all the way.

Mango ice falling with poropolo. Since it does not come out vigorously, try turning the height adjustment screw to make the scraping rough ......

Jack Jajjut and Mango ice came down a lot. Since nothing came out in about several seconds, I checked the main body ......

It was after all shavings.

Because we thought that we could cut a little more, we had prepared a large dish, but replaced mango ice with a smaller container.

The scraped ice is a bit thick and is clearly different from ordinary shade ice.

Complete condensed milk as you like.

I want to upload it to SNS in order to brag about others unintentionally with quality that I can not think that I made it at home even if I look at it many times.

As for how to taste the most important, because the mango puree is abundantly used, the taste is deeply rich. It is a nice texture, but the texture melting down with the trolley at the moment you put it in your mouth is a level that goes beyond the general shade ice a couple of times. It is similar to a sherbet, but it is strange that it is not hard like a sherbet and soft.

Mango ice cream was good, so it will take expectations for chocolate ice.

Mango set ice made in an ice case just like ice.

This time I challenge with a small container from the beginning. Press the button to start.

You can check the scenery of chocolate ice scrubbing with 'Electric Fluffy Snow Ice Equipment' from the following movie.

Scenery shaving Taiwanese shaved ice with "Electric fluffy snow shaker" - YouTube

Unlike when it is mango ice, chocolate ice that is being scraped away by the momentum of the thing. Mango ice has high viscosity, it had to be cut roughly by raising the blade, but chocolate ice will be scraped off with a Sholi story even if you make the blade the lowest. Too much scraping momentum is too violent, so chocolate ice will jump out of the container.

This is chocolate ice.

The shaved ice is less viscous than the mango ice and looks light.

Complete plenty of condensed milk.

When eating only chocolate ice with a spoon, the ice melts smoothly in the mouth with a really light texture. Because it does not use a lot of chocolate, the original sweetness of chocolate was suppressed, and it was finished in a refreshing taste. Mango ice was rich, whereas chocolate ice was definitely felt chocolate in a light taste.

It is no exaggeration to say that the taste and texture to such an extent is a sweet beyond the shaved ice and there is no doubt that you will be surprised if you sneak up for someone without any prior knowledge. "Electric soft fluffy snow-shaker" which can make delicious shaved ice better than a poor cafe was a product that I can recommend to anyone.

In addition, it is only the spike base if it can be washed with the main body part. Grasp the spike base and turn it counterclockwise ......

Can be washed with water as it is removed with a cap. Other parts of the main body can be cleaned by wiping with a dry cloth.

As for the price which is worrisome, at the time of article creation, it was 6400 yen including tax with Amazon. Even if cheap Miss Cotton Snow Candy is cheap, it is 561 yen including tax, so if you make 12 cups, it is OK level. Rather it is pretty good to be able to make and eat at a favorite timing without going out on a hot day.

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