I tried using a mill "Coffee Mill · Ceramic Slim MSS-1B" which can grind two coffee beans

One of the attractions of coffee is fragrance, but when extracting and drinking using a coffee set, there is a case that there is no smell like what is served at a specialty shop, one of the causes is the freshness of beans. When coffee beans are oxidized, the taste and fragrance deteriorate, especially after grinding, the deterioration speeds up. However, if you grind beans right before extracting coffee, you can enjoy a fresh taste to some extent. this timeBull BompowantouHe was highly appreciated in the Amazon to drinkHarioof"Coffee mill · ceramic slim MSS-1BI bought it, so I actually decided to try out that ability.

MSS-1B | Coffee Mill · Ceramic Slim | HARIO CORPORATION

The exterior of the box is a simple thing with photos of the main body printed.

On the side, the features of the product are written.

When taking out from the box there is a main body of instruction manual · handle · coffee mill.

The instructions were written in Japanese and English.

Try opening it like this. "Guide of material" "How to adjust the roughness of coffee powder" "When using" and "On the back side" 4 items of "handling precautions" are written.

The handle of the mill draws a gentle curve.

Cover and hopper body.

Removable cover.

Looking from the side like this, shape like a light attached to the bicycle.

Looking at the hopper from above it is like this.

Inside the hopper is a ceramic mortar, put coffee beans here and grind it.

The roughness control knob is attached to the back of the hopper, and by adjusting this screw you can adjust the grind reduction to fine grinding, coarse grinding etc.

The hopper can be disassembled into the roughness control knob, the inner die and the outer die, and easy to use after use.

A spiral groove is carved in the external mortar portion.

There are similar grooves in the inner die, and there is a mechanism that grinds beans sandwiching here.

The bottle where the coffee powder collected after being ground in the hopper isMethacrylMade of resin.

You can save 2 coffee cups of beans.

The hopper and the bottle can be detached.

Of course the handle can be attached and detached.

I will grind the beans at once. Sour creamy roasted coffee beans · In a full city light roast deeper than the medium roast, I prepared something from the beans which is slightly oiled.

There is no oil floating in the medium roasted beans ......

The full-city roasted beans are oiled out a bit and are slightly shaky.

First of all, try grinding the medium roasted beans into a hopper.

Grinding of beans is set to fine grinding.

Attach the cover ......

Set the handle, grab the bottle and grind with the gorilla. Although it seems easy to turn, it is necessary to grind, it is a level where you want to quit on the way if you are a woman or an elderly person.

You can see how you are struggling to grind coffee beans from the following movie.

Harrio "Coffee Mill · Ceramic Slim MSS-1B" was used to finely ground ground coffee beans - YouTube

It took a considerable effort to grind two beans of coffee.

Fried peas are finely ground.

Next, let's loosen the roughness control knob and make the beans coarse ground.

Though it does not require a force to finely grind beans of medium grinding, it is a work that feels a little troublesome. I heard that this work is done everyday and making coffee is a little advanced.

The beans were grinded properly for coarse ground.

Next we will grind the beans of full city roast.

A level that does not feel as surprising as it is surprised compared to beans of medium grinding, and does not feel a pain. Even women and elderly people do not feel like grinding with power.

You can check from the following movie how you are finely grinding full-city roasted coffee beans without using force.

I tried fine grinding full-city roasted coffee beans using Hario "Coffee Mill · Ceramic Slim MSS-1B" - YouTube

Fine grinding of full-city roasted beans. Coarse grinding the same bean was even easier. Apparently Coffee Mill · Ceramic Slim MSS-1B has a difficulty in grinding shallow roasted coffee beans and seems to be able to grind roasted beans without problem. For those who purchase Seattle type deep fried beans like Starbucks in the main, you can recommend it, but for those who like coffee beans with shallow roasting and sour taste, this mill is tough.

From the left, coarse ground of full-city roast with fine grinding of medium roasting, coarse grinding of medium roasting, fine full-city roasting. When grinding, you can see the difference in color.

I grinded the bean, so prepare a coffee set and try to brew coffee. Beans use fine grain of full city roast.

Paper and fine ground roast beans are set in the dripper.

Extract coffee after steaming hot water. Since it is a ground bean, the scent of coffee spreads in the room.

I extracted coffee.

Pour into a cup of coffee ......

Completion Of course, it is fresh as it is freshly grounded with both taste and aroma. Although the taste may be lost to a specialty shop, the scent is a level not to be defeated by specialty shops.

"Coffee mill · Ceramic Slim MSS - 1B" is priced at Amazon at 1820 yen including tax. It is recommended if you would like to brew coffee frequently at home with deep coffee beans.

Amazon.co.jp: Hario Coffee Mill · Ceramic Slim MSS-1B: Home & amp; Kitchen

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