I tried using "Nanda Croquis" that an alarm will not stop unless I catch an alarm clock that runs through the room

As a method that never sleeps twiceAlarm clock alarm does not stop until you solve computational problems Nightmare like a "smart alarm free version"Although there are, etc., The type of head wearing method is what makes you tired from the morning. When I was looking for an alarm clock that could have a refreshing morning with a moderate use of the body, I ran into the room with an alarm tone and I could not stop the alarm until I caught itNanda CroquisDiscovered. Since it looks like a healing style of a blurred face, I tried using it as a morning coffee.

Nanda Croquis, Tockey - Nanda Home Distributor Ark

What sound and movement will Nanda Croquis wake us? That can be confirmed from the following movie.

Alarm Clock 'Running around the Room Under the Bed' Nanda Croquis' - YouTube

This is a package of Nanda Croquis.

When opening the box, main body · instruction manual · warranty seal appears.

I purchased Chrome finish Nanda Croquis.

The main body is about the same size as iPhone 6.

Looking from the side like this.

The white tire is made of rubber and it seems likely to overcome if there are some decorative roads.

Alarm button on the front of the main unit ......

There was a wheel button that can turn on and off the running function.

There are four white buttons and a big snooze button on the top. White button is time setting button · minute setting button · alarm setting button · time setting button from the left. The snooze function can be set at intervals of 1 to 9 minutes.

There was a speaker on the back.

Since there is a battery case on the bottom of the main unit, open the lid with a screwdriver ......

Insert four AAA batteries.

To set the time, after pressing the time setting button on the far right, set the time with "h (time setting)" "m (minute setting)" on the left.

To set the alarm time After setting the alarm setting button of "a", set the time to sound the alarm with the time setting / minutes setting button like the time setting.

Finally you can press the wheel button and alarm button to complete. When the alarm function and running function are set properly, an alarm mark and a wheel mark are attached next to the time display display.

The fact that the alarm sounds and Nanda Croquis runs around can be confirmed from the following.

Alarm does not stop until running around and catching "Nanda Croquis" - YouTube

The sound of Nanda Croquis is different from the general "Pippi Pippi" alarm, "It seems that the robot is talking in peacetime, the alien came to the earth and is somewhat surprised and talking alone" voice. It runs more than expected while echoing a distinctive alarm tone, so chasing after catching it, going right and handed, it takes time to push the stop button because of a wheel turning around Gongle, and when I turn off the alarm, it seems like I finished one work You can get real feeling and firm awakening.

What happens when you actually use it in a room with a bed? So I tried it.

Start from the state where Nanda Croquis is placed on the bedside table.

When the alarm began to sound, the wheels rolled vigorously ... ...

Fall on the floor.

I was running around while moving the body with Gurin ... ...

Finally I will get in under the bed and bow down. Nanda Croquis runs for about 40 seconds, after which the alarm sound continues for about 9 minutes with motion stopped, so it will only be necessary to move the bed and take out Nanda Croquis and stop the alarm No matter how sleepy it gets up There is no choice but to do.

Nanda Croquis has a snooze function, it is possible to snooze at intervals of 1 to 9 minutes, but when I actually used it, I ran after running Nanda Croquis running without using the snooze function, and under the bookshelf Keeping the entranced Nanda Croquis out "pulling out" and continuing to sound an alarm under the bed While moving the bed to stop Nanda Croquis, the body awaked, while the alarm clock is stopped twice Suyasuya It did not mean sleep ......

There is a time lag from when the alarm sounds to when Nanda Croquis starts to move and it is possible to stop the alarm quickly during the time lag when putting it on the bedside so put Nanda Croquis in a place away a little If you do, you can wake up firmly in the morning's chase. Also, if the door of the room is still open, Nanda Croquis will escape from the room and go far away, you will not be able to hear the alarm tone and it may seem that Sleepya sleeps, so be careful about that point.

In addition, NANDA CROKKY is white, aqua, black, raspberry including tax 6480 yen, chrome 7560 yen including tax.

Nanda Croquis, Tockey - Nanda Home Distributor Ark

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