NY's prestigious steakhouse eye-catching buyers are looking at beef and choosing?

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Having a store in New York "Peter Luger"Has also opened in Japan"Wolfgang Steakhouse"Wolfgang Zwiner was a long-established steakhouse who served as a head waiter for 41 years. I am managing food-related channels on YouTubeEaterHowever, he visits a wholesaler together with the vice president of Peter Luger who has a reputation for aged meat that has been dry aged for a long time, and has released a movie to teach me how to choose beef.

How America's Best Steakhouse Chooses Its Meat - YouTube

Mr. Jody Storch, who is Vice President at Peter Luger.

It was cut from tummy to hind legs that are in line with ZurrachCarcassSo, we begin to stock the item from this part. It is fleshy to check always when seeing this part, because elongated things are out because fat is not enough. It is said that it is better to be fat if it is short.

Peter Luger offers T - Bone Steak and New York Strip Steak, which is called "Short Loin" (loin) which is the part between the ribs and waist. It is said to cut only the short loin part from a big part and purchase it.

In response to the question "How do you know the quality of the meat on the inside only by the outside of the beef?", Storch replied that "There is no choice but to guess" and that experience is also important for judging the fleshy quality I will.

The carcass of the image is out of the purchase because it is not suitable for dry aging because bones that should be supposed are missing.

Finding beef suitable for steak is like a treasure hunt and it seems very difficult.

This carcass is short and passed with flesh. The meat that was lacking in the meat mentioned above is also attached properly.

It is the cross section of beef that confirmed after flesh and bones. The important thing when looking at the cross section is the degree of marbling and the color of the meat, and the image meat is passed.

When purchase is decided, dedicated stamp is cut in the meat section ......

Push to the outside. Afterwards, Peter Luger's staff will take it on a dedicated truck and return.

The next thing to check is not the big part like the previous one, but short-roin already cut. It seems that it is somewhat easy to choose rather than a big chunk, as the cut carcass can check the cross section on both sides.

Beautiful beef with marbled milk, which stand out among cut short roins.

Kururi and turn it ... ....

Also check the cross section on the other side. From the cross section on the opposite side you can check the fin inside the short loin. Regular fins have little fat, but the fins reflected in the image contain fat as a good condition and Storch also acclaims that "I'd absolutely get it."

The acclaimed fins are just like a good marbled condition, the taste is transmitted without baking.

On the contrary, the fins which are not high in quality have less marbled condition.

It is a purchase decision of beef praised pushing the stamp.

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