A movie that breaks down one whole turkey

ByErnesto Andrade

In the United States to celebrate the harvest of crops in late November "Thanksgiving(Thanksgiving Day) "there is a holiday, it is customary to have a dinner party with family and friends and eat roasted turkey in the main dish. For that reason Thanksgiving is also called "Turkey Day" (aka Turkey Day), but a movie that dismantles one such turkey is released on YouTube.

Turkey Butchery - YouTube

First of all I will prepare for turkey. Spread the cloth width on the table ......

Place the chopping board and fix it so that it does not slide.

One huge turkey appeared. We use the raw one whose feathers have already been removed, but basically the same method is used for cooked turkeys such as roast chicken.

If you buy raw turkey at the butcher's shop, remove the metal fittings for fixing the feet on the body part, so remove them.

First of all I will remove my neck.

Then turn and flick the skin on the buttock side ... ...

I will remove the internal organs.

Wipe the surface with a dry cloth so that the knife will not slide.

The inside of the body which took out internal organs is also a brush.

Finally, wipe the chopping board and you are ready.

The part of meat to be disassembled is like this and can be divided into a wing (wing), a leg (thigh), and a crown (head) largely.

First cut the rest of the internal organs.

I will extend the wing.

Cut the knife into the joint part.

With this, I was divided into drums (wing origin) and chips (chicken wings).

Cut the same way on the other side.

Cutting off the wing is like this.

Then spread out the buttocks ... ...

Chicken clavicle (Wishbone).

Breaking along the bone with a kitchen knife ......

Pull a finger between the bone and the meat and drag and remove the bone.

Wishbone has the following Y shape.

Next we cut the legs and chest skin, but it is better to cut the skin as far as possible from the breast meat.

I will change knives in various directions and cut the skin.

If you cut your skin, lift yourself so that the lean comes up.

Cut the skin on the other side as well.

When reddish on both sides are turned upward, rotate the whole body by 90 degrees ......

I cut my head and legs.

The knife is put in the position of the dotted line and it is easy to cut.

I will cut it carefully with kitchen knife.

If you cut it halfway, put your strength and dismantle your head and leg.

I cut the remaining streaks. If you keep your head without throwing it away, you can cook thoroughly and make soup with plenty of collagen.

To further disassemble the leg, turn over the remaining part.

Cut the skin along the spine.

While pulling the skin with your fingers, just cut the skin by moving the kitchen kneading with a snap.

Once you cut the skin on the surface, I will follow yourself along the bones.

I am addicted to the pelvic cavitySolitress(Oyster) ", carefully remove the part with unique elasticity and flavor.

Sooris is a difficult part to take out, so cut it with a knife, find the boundary between the bone and meat with your fingers and carefully decide where to cut.

Separate the joints of the legs and separate the spine and legs.

Cut off the other leg ......

Disassembly is complete.

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