Super aged steak aged with whiskey for 127 days

Mature meat that softens meat quality and increases umami by aging is usually one where aging period of about 1 month is established from 2 weeks if it is increased. But in New York there is a shop that can eat a steak that has been aged using whiskey for a long period of 127 days and Eater of food related media reports on the taste that is of concern.

Would You Eat 127-Day-Old Steak Aged in Whiskey? - The Meat Show - YouTube

It is the shop called The Beatrice INN in New York that has come to be able to eat the aged steak for 127 days.

Before eating the steak, I will talk with Angie Mar who is also the owner and chef of The Beatrice INN.

It was a big lump meat that was served before the two of Eater.

This lumpy meat was dried and aged (dry aging) for 127 days using Jack Daniel of whiskey.

The surface of meat is covered with mold.

To clump meat lump ......

I'm matured for 127 days with Jack Daniel sprinkled on a cloth with Dubadova.

This cooking method was taught in the butcher who visited when Mr. went to Paris in France.

According to Mr. Mr., the meat that has been aged in the usual way seems to be about 10 to 15% smaller than meat that is aged using whiskey. Mr. Mr. likes to age for about 200 days, but it is said that it will be the most delicious if it is aged about 160 days.

To cook first cut meat to moderate size.

Next, I will cut off the surface where mold grows.

Cut it and drop extra fat.

The surface was whitish with mold, but the inside has a beautiful pink color.

Season with salt and pepper.

I will bake it grilled with excitement.

After baking, cut the meat along the bones ... ...

It is complete if you cut it further into a bite and serve with the source and sliced ​​truffle.

Baked at high temperature, outside is crispy and inside is rare.

Eater's two people were surprised by the strength of the fragrance. It is said that the sweet smell like vanilla is strong enough to know that it is "just a sweet taste" just by sipping it.

The steak contains two parts, a rib cap and a rib eye.

The steak which I care about is fibery but very soft, with a sweetness of whiskey on the outside of the meat, and the meat's umami is increasing many times as much as ordinary ripened meat.

Mature meat is softened by aging, and amino acids are increased and delicious, but they have commented that they have never eaten aged meat that has a deep taste so far.

The two of them were "too tasty" and bare to the bones.

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