"Pushbullet" which can freely transfer data between smartphone and PC corresponded to chat mode and tried using it

Software that can easily transfer notes, images, URL links, etc. between smartphone and PC "Pushbullet"Has been updated and it corresponds to chat mode. It was said that it was easy to share data with other people as well as within the same account, so I tried it immediately.

Meet The New Pushbullet | Pushbullet Blog

◆ Application installation
First, I will install a new Pushbullet on iPhone 6. On the App StorePushbulletSearch "and tap" Get ".

Tap "Install".

Tap "Open" to launch the application.

Pushbullet can sign in with Facebook account, Google account. This time sign in with a Google Account so tap "Sign in with Google".

Enter account information and tap "Login".

Tap "Approve".

Tap "OK".

Tap "OK".

· Photo transfer
This is the main screen of Pushbullet. As before, to transfer data between your terminals, tap "All My Devices".

Specify the terminal you want to send or web browser.

In addition, you can understand the method of sending and receiving data with the same account and the setting method of the terminal in one shot by looking at the following article.

"Pushbullet" application that allows you to easily exchange notes, data links, etc. between smartphone and PC with haste in free - GIGAZINE

I will send a picture to try. Tap "Camera" icon.

When you select a picture from Camera Roll etc ... ....

A picture is displayed on the main screen, "Delivered" is displayed and the picture is transferred.

This is displayed on the Pushbullet screen of the Firefox browser, and at the same time the image is displayed in the new tab.

· Web page transfer
Even with the new Pushbullet, of course you can transfer the title + URL of the webpage. Open the page you want to transfer and tap the "Share" icon at the bottom of the screen.

Tap "Other".

Change the activity of "Pushbullet" to ON.

Since "Pushbullet" is displayed on the share screen, tap it.

Tap "Please select a destination" and select the destination.

Tap 'Me' to transfer to myself.

Select destination.

Tap "Post" is OK.

· Transfer notes
To transfer memos or sentences, tap the text box next to the camera icon.

After entering the memo, tap "Send" to transfer the memo.

◆ Chat function
A new "chat function" (conversation mode) has been added to Pushbullet. If you use the chat function, you can exchange data interactively between different terminals like LINE and WhatsApp.

To use the chat function, swipe the screen sideways and move it to the center of the "balloon" icon above and tap "Start a new conversation".

Tap "OK".

To specify a mail address, tap "Search or enter an email".

Enter your email address in the text box and tap "Done".

However, nothing happens at the time of writing the article. On iPhone 6, I could not find a person to chat with newly.

If that is the case, try it from Galaxy S 6 edge of the other Android terminal. On Google Play "Pushbullet"And tap" Install ".

Tap "I agree".

As before, sign in with your Google Account.

After signing in, tap "OK".

Tap 'Notification settings'.

Slide the button next to "Pushbullet" ......

Tap "OK".

Tap "Done".

The main screen has appeared. To register the person you want to chat, tap "FRIENDS" → "NEW CONVERSATION".

In the Galaxy S 6 edge, the contacts registered on the terminal were displayed all at once. If the person you want to chat is already registered, tap the icon and it's ok. Tap "Find a friend" to chat with an unregistered person.

Enter your email address in the text box and tap the email address displayed in add via email.

An opponent was found.

It is similar to a general chat application that you select a partner, talk with a chat or send and receive data, the other party's message on the left and your own message on the right. Then send the picture with the camera icon below, or enter the text OK.

To register a chat partner with the web browser version of Pushbullet, click "Add a friend".

Enter your email address.

With this feeling, the partner will be listed in the list.

If the other party does not sign up with Pushbullet, the URL link of Pushbullet is sent along with the message to the input mail address, so if you ask the other party to install Pushbullet, you can talk in chat mode, exchange data You can do it.

◆ Windows desktop application
The new Pushbullet has a Windows store application "Pushbullet app". This time, I tried the Pushbullet app in the technical preview of Windows 10.

You can see how to install Windows 10 Technical Preview by following article.

How to easily install Windows 10 Technical Preview using USB memory - GIGAZINE

How to use Windows 10 technical preview with dual boot without affecting the current environment with VHD - GIGAZINE

Pushbullet app for Windows desktop

Download the Pushbullet app installer from the above link. After running the installer, click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Install".

Click "Finish".

When you run the Pushbullet app icon on the desktop, a window like this looks like this, so sign in with your Google account just as before.

You can ask the application to open, but at the time of writing the article did not start well in the new browser "Microsoft Edge". For now, click "Internet Explorer" → "OK".

Pushbullet app has started.

Usage is exactly the same as web version. Drag and drop the file you want to transfer in the window OK. Operability on the touch panel terminal seems to be quite comfortable.

If you launch the window, you can notice messages and files immediately.

It is also possible to make the window compact. Click on the △ at the right end of the chat partner.

It changes to a vertically long compact window like this.

This compact mode is displayed in the front row, so you can chat while watching YouTube, for example.

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