Adopt a fully equipped bicycle that police crush dangerous drivers with ultrasonic waves

In the state of Tennessee, USA, the law stipulates that a distance of more than 3 feet (about 0.9 meters) should be allowed when the car passes the bicycle. However, as the distance between the car and the bicycle could only be measured, the police also had the same condition as "crack down speed violations without speed gun." Therefore, a special bicycle equipment capable of measuring with the ultrasonic sensor whether the distance between the cars was correctly taken or not was adopted by the police station in Tennessee.

Police use ultrasonic device to make sure drivers stay 3 feet from cyclists | Ars Technica

The Chattanooga police station in Tennessee adopted ultrasonic equipment to measure the distance between vehicles. It is a special device attached to the handlebar of the bicycle so that it can be measured whether the distance between vehicles that a police officer passes while patrolling with a bicycle is 0.9 meters or more.

The actual device is like this, with multiple devices attached to the handlebars of the bicycle, an ultrasonic distance measuring sensor on the left side, a display displaying the measured distance in the center, and a GoPro shooting a car on the right side. It is possible to crack down dangerous car drivers that are approaching the bicycle with three stages. This equipment cost 1,400 dollars (about 170,000 yen) per setIt is commercially availableOrganizations that are managing city rental bicycles "Outdoor ChattanoogaI made a donation to the police.

This law, which prevents cars approaching and colliding with bicycles, took effect in 2007, but since there was no device to measure the distance between the car and the bicycle while driving, it was virtually impossible to crack down. According to Rob Simmons of the Chattanooga Police Station, although some of the drivers know the law to take a sufficient distance from the bicycle, most of the drivers did not know until the distance to leave.

In violation of the law, automobile drivers will be fined 200 dollars (about 25,000 yen), but for immediate fines they are expected to take some measures in cooperation with the local courts. The Chattanooga Police Station announces that by law enforcement, first of all, it notifies the driver of the legal awareness of the driver and gives priority to securing the safety of cycling.

In addition, movies that are actually cracked down are released, and can be seen from the following.

Codaxus BSMART used by Chattanooga police bikes - YouTube

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