An action camera shoots a state where two cyclists are attacked by a bear while traveling in the mountains

When a two person rider riding a track in the mountains was running, I encountered a situation where a bear pops out from the side of the course. The action camera of the bicycle which was running behind was photographing the whole story but fortunately there were no injuries for the two people.

Bear on the Bikepark Malino Brdo SLOVAKIA - YouTube

"Incident" occurred in "Malinô Brdo ski & bike park" in Ruje Berok in northern Slovakia. This place is around here.

Two cyclists who are going down the mountain road vigorously.

There are two stumps lined on the right side around the left curve.

Actually, however, the bear was running to the two people at this time.

A bear chasing the first cyclist who ran through the eyes.

I decided not to catch up with the truth, I stopped following the course and disappeared to the slope on the right side.

The cyclist going ahead hurriedly stopped and came back.

At this time, since two people stopped, criticizing comments saying "Why are you stopping?" Is also sent in YouTube's comment section, but as you look at the course, the bearhead is going to be over by a bear since it is going to make a big right curve It is possible that the judgment of the two cyclists seems to be incorrect.

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