Uber's automated driving car released the in-vehicle camera image of the accident that caused the traitor to die and let him die, and there is also a doubt that driver's confirmation is insufficient

The automatic driving car that Uber had been developing wasAccidents that have killed people crossing the road and made them dieThe image of the in-vehicle camera which caught the state of the scene was released to the public by the police authorities. From there, there is also a suspicion that the staff who was responsible for monitoring the movement by riding the vehicle that caused the accident was insufficiently confirmed.

This picture was published by the police in Tempe, Arizona on official Twitter. "The Tempi police car accident group is investigating the details of the accident that occurred on March 18. A comment saying it will be announced when the information on the survey is updated" is attached to the tweet.

First of all, from the angle that reflects the front of the vehicle.

Automatic driving car which runs only in the street where street lights are populated with pops.

Then the sudden appearance of the foot of the person illuminated by the light and the bicycle appeared.

Automatic driving car approaching without deceleration. In this accident, it is also clear that the victim was crossing the place where the pedestrian crossing is not installed.

And the state of the camera just before the collision was contained in the image of the camera.

Next, the picture which recorded the state of the driver in the car.

Staff sitting in the driver 's seat and checking the front.

However, we sometimes divert our eyes from the front.

The staff repeats the actions of looking ahead and looking out the door. However, I can not confirm how it fell asleep.

Eyes again around the right hand ......

The moment when I changed my eyes to the front ......

A staff with an expression of surprise. It seems that you saw the victims traversed at this moment.

There is no mistake that it is very pitiable about the victim who passed away in the accident, but in this situation there is also a view that the victim who had crossed a pitch dark place not a crosswalk also had a certain fault . Even if a man is driving, there is also a skeptical view as to whether the accident was avoided or not. Rather it may be important to check the effectiveness of night vision systems using equipment such as infrared or LIDAR.

In response to this accident, Uber suspended the development of an automatic driving car. In addition, Toyota, which also conducted public road running experiments, temporarily suspended the experiment by considering the psychological impact on the driver who rides the test vehicle.

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