Cruise announces complete suspension of unmanned driving tests for self-driving cars

Cruise, whose

permission to deploy self-driving vehicles and conduct unmanned driving tests was immediately suspended by the state of California for attempting to conceal disclosure of information about accidents that occurred during unmanned driving tests of self-driving cars, is now conducting unmanned driving tests outside of California. has announced that it will be temporarily suspended.

General Motors' robotaxi service suspends driverless operations nationwide regulators | AP News

Cruise, a subsidiary of major American automaker GM and responsible for the development and testing of self-driving cars, has announced that it will temporarily suspend testing of unmanned self-driving cars nationwide. Below is Cruise's statement.

'The most important thing for us now is to take steps to restore public trust. To do that, we need to rethink the way Cruise works, even if it is difficult and painful.'

“In that spirit, we are taking time to examine our processes, systems, and tools and think about how we can operate better in a way that earns public trust. , we have decided to preemptively suspend driverless testing for all self-driving vehicles.'

“This is unrelated to a new incident on our roads, and manned and autonomous vehicle operations will continue. 'We believe this is the right thing to do at a time when we need to take steps to restore public trust.'

The 'accident' that Cruise is referring to is the one in which Cruise's self-driving car hit the victim of a hit-and-run accident caused by another vehicle that occurred on October 2, 2023.

An accident occurs in which a fully autonomous robotaxi further hits a hit-and-run pedestrian - GIGAZINE

The California Department of Transportation has revoked Cruise's permit to deploy self-driving vehicles and test driverless vehicles, saying in a disclosure statement regarding the accident that Cruise 'endangered public safety' by not initially releasing appropriate footage. Masu.

California immediately suspends Cruise's permission for autonomous vehicle deployment and unmanned driving tests - GIGAZINE

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