X (formerly Twitter) has started offering a new plan 'X Premium Plus' that costs more than 20,000 yen per year to completely remove advertisements on the timeline, and the benefit of displaying replies with super priority is also available

' Basic ' plan and ' X Premium Plus ' plan have been added to the paid plans of X (formerly Twitter). With X Premium Plus, you can remove all advertisements displayed in the 'Recommended' and 'Following' sections of your timeline, as well as benefits that make it easier to display replies.

The benefits of X Premium Plus are as follows. With the existing premium plan, the ads in the timeline were only reduced by half but did not disappear completely, but with X Premium Plus it seems that ads will be completely removed from the timeline. In addition, with X Premium Plus, the visibility of replies will be further enhanced than with Premium. When signing up from the X official web app, the 1-year plan costs 20,560 yen per year, and the monthly plan costs 1,960 yen per month.

Basic allows you to use functions such as ``edit a post'' and ``post a long post,'' but the amount of ads displayed on the timeline will not be reduced and the visibility boost for replies will be minimal. Also, there will be no blue check mark next to the name. When signing up from the X official web app, the 1-year plan costs 3,916 yen per year, and the monthly plan costs 368 yen per month.

Below is a table summarizing the features available in the Basic, Premium, and X Premium Plus plans.

plan basic premium X premium plus
edit post
long post
Cancel post
Posting long videos
Popular articles
Background video playback
Video download
Reply Boost small Big maximum
Ad display on timeline As is half none
Earn money from posts
creator subscription
X Pro
Media Studio
Two-factor authentication using SMS
DM encryption
check mark
ID verification
Custom app icon
bookmark folder
Custom navigation
Custom color scheme
Using the “Highlights” tab
Hide likes
Hide check mark
Hide subscription

In addition, Elon Musk's goal is to make X 'the everything app,' and at the time of writing the article , voice and video calling functions are being tested, and payment functions are being tested. It has been revealed that the company is considering installing the Furthermore, it has been reported that Mr. Mask said, ``I want to add dating app functionality to X.''

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