Elon Musk announces that X posts with community notes will be ineligible for revenue sharing

As each SNS accelerates efforts to prevent the spread of misinformation, X has announced that posts that are subject to its own service's 'Community Notes' measure to prevent the spread of misinformation will not be eligible for revenue sharing.

Posts with misinformation on X become 'ineligible for revenue share' says Musk | TechCrunch

Community Notes is a system in which volunteers add supplementary information to posts that may cause misunderstandings, thereby preventing the spread of incorrect information.

``Community Note'', which uses the power of all Twitter users to fact check tweets, is now available all over the world including Japan - GIGAZINE

On October 30, 2023, X owner Elon Musk announced that posts with community notes will not be eligible for revenue sharing. Musk explains that this provision is 'to maximize the incentive for accuracy over sensationalism.'

In response to the above explanation, user A community note was immediately added to the reply saying, ``A community note can only be added after there is agreement between posters with different opinions.''

There is a fear that attempts may be made to take advantage of this change and intentionally add community notes to deprive others of their profits, but Musk said, ``Because all code and data is open source, 'Attempts to use notes as weapons to trick people will soon become apparent,' he added, indicating that the addition of malicious community notes will be suppressed.

Community Notes has undergone numerous updates since its release, and has become a more complete system, including the addition of a function to detect identical images and videos , and the requirement to include links that serve as sources of supplementary information. doing.

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