A girl who was revealing her breasts on the street, hit by a car

It seems that the accident happened that the girl who tried to draw out the boobs on the street and attracted attention of the driver actually got hit by the driver 's steering wheel operation.

Based on this accident, it seems there was a broadcasting station that I experimented to see if I was going to be hit by a car when I showed boobs for the driver on the street.

Details are from the following.
Barely Legal: Topless Teen Flasher Cherelle Dudfield Hit by Distracted Driver and Fined for It - Crimesider - CBS News

Cherelle May Dudfield's drunk boob flash while on the lash leads to crash | Metro.co.uk

According to these articles, in the southern part of New ZealandInvercargillIt is said that a car that girls trying to draw out the driver's attention by pulling out boobs in the safe area in the middle of the road was hit by a car.

The name of the girl is Cheryl May Dadfield (18 years old), Cheryl and his friends were drunk at the time of the accident, and they were exposed to friends and exposed their breasts to the driver.

Driver who came there (name unknown) mistook the handle operation by seeing Cheryl 's topless figure and collided with Sheryl as it is. Fortunately, Sheryl seems to have done minor injuries because he stepped on the brake before hitting it, but he said he was fined $ 200 (about 18,000 yen) due to public morality violation.

By the way, based on this incident, it was said that nothing happened when the local broadcasting station actually tried to get tits on the street and it seemed to be hit by a car.

I heard he tried it like this.

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