Apple announces the latest mobile OS "iOS 9", what is the new feature you care about?

Apple's latest development event for "WWDC 2015" held in San Francisco with the latest mobile OS "IOS 9"We are announcing the new features, which are of interest to you one after another.

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After OS X "El Capitan" announcement is iOS.

The upgrade rate of iOS 8 is 83%. There is a big difference from 12% of Android 5.0.

And announcement of "iOS 9".

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First off from Siri.

I realized a proactive assistant.

For example, "Show me the pictures taken in Utah State last August" is possible.

In addition, Siri remembers what we do at what time, and will assist you with a proactive approach. For example, playing music after plugging headphones, opening audio books when you get in the car, and so on.

The calendar will inform you of information that is likely to affect the schedule, such as traffic jam.

It feels like Google Now.

Even if a phone call comes from an unknown phone number, I will tell the caller by searching the e-mail registered in the e-mail.

Next is a search function

By using API for searching, search function also searches for content installed on the device, strengthening link between user and application.

Demo, quick menu of the alarm clock application in the lower left.


Talk to Siri and create a reminder.

Demonstration of music playing function by just plugging Siri's earphone.

Receive e-mail, create a reminder

IOS 9 demo, swipe home screen to the left and display the search screen.

Search for a recipe by entering "Potato (potato)"

Recipes are displayed with images.

I will correct the recipe contents, for example "12 tablespoons" to "three quarters cup".

Followed by photograph search.

Photo UI changes.

The features of iOS 9 are "Anonymity", "No relationship with Apple ID", "Confirmation of ID is random", "No cooperation with Apple's other services", "No sharing with third parties", "Everything is controlled That is, I mean that private importance is very important.

Apple Pay on iOS 9

Mr. Jennifer Bailey is at the top.

Apple Watch's available stores expand. Many brands including FOREVER 21 and Levi's participate.

It is a tremendous number when all together.


Square plans to introduce Apple Pay compatible devices in the fall of 2015.

There are one million places available.

An application that Apple Pay can use.

The number of applications that can use Apple Pay also increased.

Pinterest is "Available Pins", it is possible to purchase products using Apple Pay.

The affiliated banks are as follows.

Affiliated stores.

In the UK the Apple Pay service finally started. It is scheduled to be implemented at 250,000 stores.

It is also available for London subway and bus.

Passbook will be abolished and the function will be unified in "Wallet".

Next is memo app.

With MemoApplication it is now possible to create a checklist on a notebook.

You can start up the camera directly and shoot, and you can import images.

It also features hand-drawn features.

Create To Do List

Embed links to websites in notes

Image attachment

Incidentally,AppleHigh-resolution images are released by the site, and it is known that the home screen of iOS 9 is as follows.

Siri talked to Siri from the left and looked at the time of creating a reminder, while swiping the home screen to the left to display the search screen, "Show me the pictures taken in Utah last August" and Siri Where I am requesting.

The operation screen of Apple Pay which becomes usable even in the United Kingdom is like this.

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