"IOS 8" announcement, user experience greatly improved, added various functions

Apple's event for developers "WWDC 14"so,New Mac OS X "Yosemite"Following the announcement of the latest version of iOS "iOS 8".

Apple - iOS 8 - Overview

Apple - Apple Events - Special Event June 2014

Tim Cook, CEO who appeared again on the platform.

IPod touch 100 million

500 million iPhone

Last year, the number of people who newly started using Apple products is 130 million people.

Appearance of Droid appears

The satisfaction level of iOS 7 is actually 97%

In fact, 89% of iOS terminal users are updating iOS to the latest 7. On the other hand, only 9% are Android users using the latest KitKat (Android 4.4).

The mobile malware market is almost monopolized by Android at 99%

IOS 8 appeared.

From here I will talk to Craig Federigi Senior Vice President and talk about the design of iOS 8.

One of the major changes in iOS 8 is the notification center.

For example, if you swipe SMS notifications, you can simply enter text and reply.

You can process notifications while browsing images.

You can also "like" to Facebook directly from notifications

With mailboxes, you can handle e-mails by swiping them in, putting them in the trash can.

Also, you can add the contents of the mail as it is to the calendar.

Somehow, Mr. Johnny Ive who has never seen a hairstyle appeared. There was laughter from the venue.

Spotlight which is the search function of iOS 8.

Spotlight searches from any content including the App Store and messages.

QuickType function dramatically improves keyboard input.

BlackBerry was excellent typing.

QuickType enhanced word prediction.

When you type an English word with the wrong spelling, it displays the correct spelling.

The prediction function improves, and the user can experience typing which has never been before.



In group messages, you can create and delete threads.

Image attachment is possible with simple operation.

You can also input voice by tapping.

Sending movies is also fun.

I am experimenting with voice input by demonstration.

Activate the camera directly from the editing screen and attach the captured image as it is. Unnecessary operation has been cut considerably.


98% of companies entering the top 500 in the ranking created based on total income of American companies use iOS. Apple will go for the remaining 2% as well.

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