Launched high-end wireless LAN machine "WXR-2533DHP" full of Buffalo, including support for "MU-MIMO" which enables simultaneous multiple Wi-Fi connection

Buffalo will become the company's high-end model Wireless LAN router "WXR-2533 DHPWe released the. Simultaneously enable Wi-Fi communication with multiple terminals "MU-MIMO", And four movable antennas and"Beam formingI tried various kinds of how the model of being able to deliver it by targeting radio waves to the place I want in my house is what it is like.

Performance beyond built-in antenna 11ac 4x4 Large mobile antenna | WXR-2533DHP | BUFFALO Buffalo

"WXR - 2533 DHP" is a wireless LAN router featuring four antennas arranged at the top. The price is 28,800 yen excluding tax. The size of the main body of the completely new design is about 31 centimeters wide × 17.5 centimeters high by about 5.5 centimeters in depth, which is larger than the conventional wireless LAN router, but there is a certain aim in this size It is said to be hidden.

On the panel with simple design, POWER lamp, WIRELESS lamp, INTERNET lamp, ROUTER lamp are arranged casually from the left, it is possible to check connection status and mode status.

On the back side, many holes for heat dissipation have been opened, and it looks like a body that looks cool as you see it. "AirStation setup card" with SSID and encryption key written in the middle is installed, and when we take out the card ......

MAC address, PIN used for WPS connection, etc. were listed. It seems that the storage position of the setup card has been changed so that it is hard to lose it.

The initial setting when connecting to a smartphone etc. is OK only by loading the QR code with a special application.

As in this model, the problem of heat becoming a problem when becoming a router pursuing high speed is a problem of heat in the interior. WXR - 2533DHP seems to be designed to minimize performance down by heat by increasing the heat capacity inside by having a relatively large body, and furthermore by opening a lot of heat exhaust ports.

It is said that consideration is given so that it can be cooled down enough even in the state that it is laid on the table like this as it stands.

On the left side of the main unit, buttons for connection setting, mode selector switch, USB port are arranged.

Wireless LAN easy connection system "AOSS"For temporarily accessing the wireless LAN by the guest"GUESTTwo red buttons are lined up. The GUEST connection is a connection method for providing wireless LAN to visitors and others who came to visit their homes, making it possible to provide only the net environment in isolated state from the home LAN.

On the right side, there were four wired LAN ports and an INTERNET terminal, a power switch and a power connector that connect to a modem and so on.

The biggest feature is the four 11ac4 × 4 1733 Mbps + 11 gn 800 Mbps external mobile antenna placed on the top. We can customize the radiation of radio waves according to the shape of the house and the frequently used place, furthermoreBeam formingIt is possible to focus on radio waves targeted by corresponding to. Although it is understood when seeing the real thing, it seems that the four antennas are not aligned at equal intervals, and they are arranged at optimized positions respectively.

In order to enable high-speed communication, 1.4 GHz dual core CPU is adopted as processing chip. Even in situations where many terminals are connected simultaneously at the same time, it has enough CPU processing speed.

◆ It corresponds to "MU-MIMO" which does not decrease speed even if many terminals are connected
One thing that makes this model high-end is to increase throughput when connecting multiple models "MU-MIMO(Multi User - Multi Input Multi Output) ". Since the conventional Wi-Fi connection was basically "one-to-one" connection between the main unit and the sub unit, when a plurality of terminals communicate, a timing wait occurs and the sensible speed worsens Although there was a situation, MU-MIMO can establish a comfortable Wi-Fi environment by allowing communication with multiple devices at the same time. Also, even in that case, I am surprised that the maximum throughput to each terminal is 433 Mbps secured.

However, in order to utilize this MU-MIMO, it is necessary for the terminal side to support MU-MIMO, but as of the end of May 2015 the corresponding terminal does not exist yet. In the future it is thought that the number of compatible equipment will gradually increase, but at this time clearly WXR - 2533 DHP is one step ahead. It seems to be said that this is a high-end model that sticks to specs around here as well.

◆ "Guest mode" which can provide Wi-Fi securely even when a sudden visitor arrives
WXR - 2533 DHP is a secure Wi - Fi environment for visitorsOnlyIt is compatible with "guest mode" which can provide. By using this mode, Wi-Fi line can be provided with access to other terminals and NAS etc. on the same LAN blocked, and the setting is easy to operate with physical buttons on the main unit.

Since guest mode is set to off by default setting, it must be set to on from the router setting screen beforehand. The screen below is the setting screen, but for safer connection, it is better to turn on "wireless encryption" without forgetting it.

In this way, "WXR-2533DHP" is a model that can be called a high-end model of Buffalo packing high-performance functions in a large body. In future we plan to actually use it and measure the speed, so please look forward to it.

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