Ultra high-speed wireless LAN router with a maximum of 450 Mbps going on sale, it can be used even in a three-story house with an unexpected shaped antenna

Wireless LAN routers that support the latest wireless LAN standard "IEEE802.11n" that realizes high-speed communication up to 300 Mbps are becoming widespread, but wireless LAN routers with maximum downlink speeds of 450 Mbps have been introduced.

By installing three high power antennas that are likely to fly towards the sky at any moment, it is now possible to communicate comfortably even in three-story houses.

Details are as below.
Press release -> 1.5 times the conventional "450 Mbps" super high speed communication realized! "LAN - WH 450 N / GR" which newly developed and equipped with three high power antennas finally appeared! It is! - Logitech

According to Logitech 's press release, the company is said to release a wireless LAN router "LAN - WH 450 N / GR" from the middle of April. The standard price is 19,000 yen by tax.

"LAN - WH 450 N / GR" is a model realizing wireless communication of up to 450 Mbps by sending and receiving data with three antennas, and corresponding slave units are required when using 450 Mbps communication. When IEEE802.11 n / a / g / b is used, the maximum communication speed is 300 Mbps.

The body of "LAN - WH 450 N / GR". Four wired LAN ports compatible with gigabit communication are carried.

By using three high power antennas, high-speed communication can be used in each room of a three-story house.

You can further improve throughput by adjusting the angle of the antenna.

The package looks something like this.

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