What on earth is announced in "Google I / O 2015"? Conclusion of forecast so far

ByBrian Cantoni

From Friday, May 29, 2015, Google's developer event "Google I / O 2015"Begins. What is announced in Google I / O 2015 from technologies that Google has been working on, such as car navigation, IoT, Chromecast, VR headset, etc. Android M is expected to be the next OS for Android Or, The Verge is predicting.

What to expect from Google I / O 2015 | The Verge

◆ Android M
Google releasedGoogle I / O 2015 schedule had "Android M" statedAs a result, it was reported that the next announcement of Android OS is scheduled. Functions that are expected to be installed in Android M include "new voice command system", "improvement of Material Design", "bug fix", "performance improvement", "battery life improvement", and so on. Considering from Android Lollipop in 2014, Android M will be officially released several months after the announcement. However, as soon as Google I / O 2015 is closed, it is expected that a preview version for Nexus 6 or an official version will be released only for Nexus 6.

◆ Privacy control
When installing the Android application, the user can not change the access right to the information, but from Android M you can download the application downloaded from Google Play, such as "location information", "contact", "picture"Detailed control of accessible informationIt is reported that it will become possible.

"Android M" makes it possible to control what is permitted to the application more finely - GIGAZINE

◆ Fingerprint authentication
Support for fingerprint authentication is expected to begin in earnest on Android M, and it seems that login of applications such as Gmail and Google Drive will only hit the thumbIt is reported by BuzzFeed. Although the Galaxy S6 series has a fingerprint authentication function, it is thought that manufacturers will be able to obtain strong support from Google in developing future terminals equipped with fingerprint authentication in the future.

◆ Android Wear
Many manufacturers have launched smart watches equipped with Android Wear since Google's wearable OS "Android Wear" was announced. Google in April 2015Great update for Android WearAnd added various functions. In Google I / O 2014,Moto 360"Was announced, a new smart watch such as" 2nd generation Moto 360 "may be announced.

◆ Android Auto
Google can run Android in car navigation system "Android AutoWe officially released ", but GoogleI want to strengthen the field of car navigationBecause it thinks, there is a possibility that some new function will be announced.

◆ Android Pay
Google is a settlement system for mobile terminalsAnnounced "Android Pay"And it turned out to be available on existing hardware. Details are expected to be announced to counter Apple Pay, and if it is announced, it is thought that it will become clear what becomes "Google Wallet" in the future.

◆ Google Photos
Google+ photo featuresIt can save unlimitedly if it is a picture of up to 2048 pixels, and has various functions such as GIF animation creation function. As it is comparable to standalone online photo storage, standalone version of Google + 's independent photo features may be released.

◆ Project Fi
Google is a proprietary communication service that can toggle a good line fully automatically over multiple carriers"Project Fi" announceddoing. Google I / O 2015 is expected to demonstrate the feature "pay as much as you use" and the demonstration of how Wi-Fi and mobile networks switch.

Google finally launched its own mobile communication service "Project Fi", and what kind of service is opening up a new era of cheap SIM? - GIGAZINE

◆ Internet of Things (IoT)
With Google I / O 2015,Possibility to announce the new OS "Brillo" for electric appliancesHas emerged.

Will Google possibly announce the new OS for electric appliances "Brillo", will IoT spill more popularity - GIGAZINE

◆ Cardboard
With Google I / O held in 2014, a cardboard cardboard VR headset "Cardboard" was presented to attendees and sales started on multiple sites. Google has announced programs for applications that can be used with this headset, and detailed announcements and demonstrations of Cardboard are expected in Google I / O 2015 as well.

◆ Google Cast
Google is a medium streaming terminal with only 4200 yen "ChromecastWe sell "Google Cast" as a dedicated application. With Google I / O 2015, streaming music can be played from the speaker through Chromecast announced in January 2015 "Google Cast for audioIt is expected that a new type of speaker corresponding to "Chromecast 2" will appear.

◆ Chrome
Google offers two operating systems, Android and Chrome OS, but in the future it is considered that two OS's are being integrated and the update is progressing. Although it is almost certain that Google is aiming to converge web and mobile, The Verge expects Google I / O 2015 to have an announcement on Chromebook.

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