What is the word that Apple's CEO Tim Cook sent to college graduates?

Apple 's CEO Tim Cook told the graduates advice from his own past experience and insight, expressing his expression in a graduation ceremony at the prestigious George Washington University in the USA. At the end of the speech, she also shows a magical aspect of taking pictures of graduates who attended the ceremony using their own iPhone.

Tim Cook to college graduates: 'You do not have to choose while doing good and doing well'

Located in the heart of Washington, D.C.U. S. News & World ReportGeorge Washington University is the famous university that ranked 54th in the national university rankings. From Washington D.C.'s land pattern, politics, international relations, public policy, etc. are strong universities, graduates are politiciansColin PowellMr. Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of Mr. and John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States of America, and singerAngela AkiMr. and others have a lot of names.

At the George Washington University graduation ceremony, it seems that many celebrities have told the ceremony so far, and in 2015 CEO Tim Cook was supposed to be in charge of the speech. Speaking of "Apple" and "graduation speech", Apple's founder Steve Jobs is famous for his speech at the Stanford University graduation ceremony in 2005, but Mr. Jobs took over the role of Apple CEO Cook CEO got a lot of attention as to what kind of speech it is going to make.

The state of the speech made by Mr. Jobs at the graduation ceremony of Stanford University in 2005 can be seen in the following movie.

Steve Jobs Stanford University Graduation Ceremony Japanese Subtitled Version - YouTube

In the graduation ceremony of George Washington University on May 17, 2015, Cook held advocacy for graduates by taking a variety of topics. The content I talked about "About when I first met Jobs", "The secret of making my career a success by greatly changing my own world feeling" taught by Mr. Jobs, and especially Cook CEO working diligently There are various racial discrimination problems. In my speech I reveal that "I have a strong interest in changing children and the world rather than technology and politics."

Furthermore, "Do not take it for grant to sacrifice himself for salary, your own value is very important, which should be a guiding principle like the North Star for the Earth, When I feel that it is facing the right direction, work will start to have a new meaning, "he advises that not only" money "is important in working for young people going to society .

I also talked about what happened when I first met Mr Jobs who was founder of Apple for the first time 17 years ago. Cook's CEO was working at the timeCompaqI quit my job in 1998 and I joined Apple, but I heard that Apple's situation at that time felt "steering company". At the time, Cook CEO thought that "work is a job" at all times, but also reveals that Jobs changed his thought as Jobs touched on his attitude towards work and way of thinking.

Cook CEO who hates racial discrimination seems to have won a prize in the contest contest in the summer of 1977 when he was 17 years old. It was said that the house of Cook CEO at the time was not so well off, there was no typewriter, the paper was submitted handwritten. At the award ceremony of the paper, he seems to have been given the opportunity to visit George Wallace who was then governor of Alabama province and then supporters of racial discrimination and the president of Jimmy Carter of the equality at the time, but Cook The CEO looked back on the day and said, "It was not an honor to meet the governor at all, I felt it even felt like I betrayed my belief that I shook hands with him," he said, racist discrimination I will not hide that I have a strong aversion to me. Furthermore, "I met two historical figures, I have commented that one was right and one was a wrong person among myself".

In addition, focusing on smartphones and tablets helping blind people and helping in education, "If you wanted to witness the illicit and expose it to the bottom of the day, it's easy I can do it because everyone has a camera in my pocket now, "he said in a unique phrase about the influence of mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets.

The full story of Tim Cook's speech can be seen in the following movie.

GW Commencement 2015 Tim Cook on Vimeo

At the end of the speech I was filming graduates with my own iPhone.

In addition, Tim Cook has made a speech of a speech at Auburn University, his graduate school in 2010, and a movie on that occasion is also released.

Auburn University Spring 2010 Commencement Speaker Tim Cook - YouTube

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