Wind generator without windmill to generate wind by swinging swaying "Vortex"

When asked as "wind power generator", many people remind me of windmill wing type rotors with huge feathers as large as several tens of meters in diameter, and indeed many windmills are used in electric power generation all around the world I will. Meanwhile, a company based in Spain "Vortex Bladless"Is progressing development"Vortex"Has no rotating feathers, it has become a new wind power generator that obtains electricity by long jumping up one stick.


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What kind of generator is used by Vortex and how to generate electricity can be understood by seeing the following movie.

Vortex. Bladeless Wind Generator. - YouTube

"The idea began with a tragedy of the" Tacoma · Narrows bridge "," said David Yaniez, one of the founders of Vortex Bladless who develops Vortex.

It is spoken hereTacoma · Narrows bridgeAnd the American bridge famous for having collapsed while shaking greatly receiving the blowing wind. The Tacoma Narrows bridge, which was opened in 1940, was a steel-made suspension bridge built with the best technologies of the time, but the entire bridge caused by the strong wind blowing from immediately after openingSelf-excited oscillation(Tsureiishi Dendo) caused the problem of being greatly shaken, which eventually collapsed in 4 months from the opening. There are also many people who have seen the following images containing the whole thing that leads to the collapse.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse "Gallopin 'Gertie" - YouTube

It is thought that "vortex of air" caused by the wind blowing has caused the major cause of this vibration. When the wind blowing from the side of the bridge goes to the other side, the vortex of air generated at the rear end of the bridge girder becomes a large force and vibrates the bridge girder, and vibration further causes the effect of increasing the vortex and the vibration energy It increased steadily, and eventually it ended up with enough vibration to destroy the bridge.

However, if it is possible to generate enough energy to destroy the bridge, conversely it should be possible to extract energy by controlling this well. It is "Vortex" that was born from such thought. Vortex uses a whirlpool vortex striking a bar-shaped feather to vibrate the vane finely to the left and right and to make use of its great power for power generation. Detailed research is being carried out using dedicated laboratory facilities.

Based on the research results, an actual testing machine was also created, and development has been proceeded to the point where power generation is actually carried out.

Mr. Youniez says that Vortex 's mechanism is "an excellent way to convert energy from fluids like air to structures like Vortex."

In the movie, you can see the fact that Vortex is actually receiving wind and swaying in the right and left. Compared to conventional wind turbine generators with rotating blades, the company says it has the advantage of being able to reduce the construction cost to 47% at the maximum due to its simple structure.

If you look closely, you can see that the Vortex is structured into two upper and lower parts through a thin rod. Two repulsive magnets are built in the lower barrel, and it is said that electricity is generated by converting the motion of the upper blades shaking horizontally into electric energy.

The upper blades are made of lightweight carbon fiber and FRP (glass reinforced fiber), which means that both strength and lightness are compatible. By reducing the weight of the blades, it seems to be able to increase the efficiency of power generation.

Based on the result of the test machine at the present moment, the company is planning to commercialize a type with 4 kilowatts of generating capacity. This is about the same generation power as a general home photovoltaic power generation system.

The image on the right is the 4 kilowatt type "Vortex Mini". In addition, the company has a generation capacity of 1 megawatt or more "Vortex GranWe are also considering plans for the plan. Vortex Mini is a type of power generator installed in the immediate vicinity of industrial power generation and general households, etc. Vortex Gran has a further larger generation capacity, designed to take advantage of the power supply company It is a patchy pattern.

Furthermore, a small type with an output of 100 watts at an overall height of 3 meters has been considered, which means that it is considering use in developing countries. The company has already succeeded in obtaining funding of 1 million dollars (about 120 million yen) in Spain and it is considering to enter the United States from now on.

The performance of Vortex when compared with the conventional rotary blade type wind power generator looks like this. The theoretical manufacturing cost can be reduced by 53%, and the operation cost can be reduced by 51%. Furthermore, because we do not have rotating parts, wear of bearings and gears does not occur, so maintenance cost can be reduced by 80%, so it is surprising.

However, the weak point is that the power generation efficiency itself is only 30% to 40% compared with the rotor blade type. Even in that case, compared with conventional wind power generators with huge rotating blades, per unitFootprint(Occupied area) is small. By maximizing the characteristics of Vortex and installing it side by side with the slurry as below, the company tells the merit that the total power generation efficiency improves.

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