I have eaten a fine "aged meat" condensed with umami and plenty of vegetables Yoshinoya "Beef Roses Vegetables"

Yoshinoya stopped a special sauce on plenty of vegetables with umami condensed from April 23 (Fri) 2015, and baked it on a direct fire stove "Grilled beef rose vegetableWe released the. It is a product sold in the summer of 2014. In addition to increasing the amount of vegetables this time, I improved the fire fighting stove and hot pot so that I could enjoy ripened meat until the end, I went to a shop to taste it and ate it.

Limited time limited product "Beef Roses Vegetable Bake" re-emerges with aged rose meat plus plenty of vegetables "Sautiousness of grill" stands out
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Beef Roses Vegetable Grill | Yoshinoya Menu | Yoshinoya

Arrived at Yoshinoya.

A poster has already been stuck at the shop front.

Enter a shop and order "Beef Roses Vegetable Grill (Nimori)".

Set meal set of beef rose vegetable roast arrived in about 5 minutes.

The direct fire stove is provided in a state with fire, and it has become possible to enjoy Atsuazu for a long time.

A mechanism like this looks like a pot. By reviewing the material and shape of the pot and reviewing the ignition, it is said that it is possible to enjoy the dish in hot state until the end.

I will eat a cow rose vegetable roast.

Ripe meat of aged beef cut to a large extent. Moderately fat is also attached.

There are four types of vegetables that are full of onions: onions, cabbages, carrots, and chives. It has been devised so that sweetness stands out as onion increases as compared to last time sales.

To the bottom is Yoshinoya special made. When stirring well, hot saga is familiar with the ingredients and can be eaten much more deliciously.

That's why she muses beef and vegetables. Matured beef rose meat was soft texture, I felt that meat of better quality than other beef bowl chain was used. The sweet soy sauce base sauce is not too thick, just right taste that can taste the taste of the ingredients firmly.

Since it is constantly heated by the stove, vegetables were burned in every occasion, but I do not feel any irritating burning smell and it improves fragrance.

Sweetness of vegetables and umami of ripened meat are melting out to moderate soy sauce adjustment, and compatibility with rice is outstanding when it is made into ingredients.

Although it was comparatively eating slowly, it seems to be devised so that the fire of the stove will not disappear. Has been able to eat hot dishes until the end, even if you eat dinner etc., you can taste the satisfaction of "I am eating proper food".

In addition, I got a coupon of 50 yen discount after the bill. All prices of "beef rose vegetable roasting" are tax included, the juxtaposition of the set with rice and miso souce is 590 yen, the large plant 690 yen. If ordering as a single item, the amount of 490 yen for Nimori and 590 yen for Omori. Although the schedule of offering is not announced, since it is a limited-time product, those who are interested should come early.

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