I tried "Yoshinoya's" Beef Sukkiba Zen "and" Beef Tige Nabe-Zen "which used ripened meat with a good flavor

In December 2013Yoshinoya calls "Beef Suki-nabe" and "Beef Tigere Noodle"We released,MatsuyaWhenSukiyaThere is also a movement such as putting out a generic menu similar to Yoshinoya, and the pot menu is a menu hit in the beef bowl industry from 2013 to 2014, but Yoshinoya started to use aged meat from October 29 (Wednesday) "Beef sukuban set menu"When"Beef Tiger Beef SaladWe released the. I went to the shop because I was wondering how high the quality is going up.

Notice of Yoshinoya's "Beef Sukinpa Zen" "Beef Tige Nabe-Sa" Reappearing
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Beef sukiyakusho "I have been waiting" Hen

Arrived at Yoshinoya.

Also appeal the new product with a photo where the redness of beef is conspicuous at the shop front. I will enter the shop.

"Beef suki pot sauce" and "Beef Tige pot salad" were also found in the menu. When ordering, the clerk asked "I will take some time but will it be OK?"

Although the speed of offering is not soon than beef bowl, the waiting time is less than 5 minutes "sweet scent" "beef suki pot sauce" and sesame oil scented "beef tige pot salad" arrived.

"Beef suki pot sauce" is a set of rice bowl size rice, beef pork, eggs and pickles. In the store I visited, pickles were Fukujinake.

The freshly-made beef squirrel is boiling.

You can see the boiling beef boiling in boiling in the following movies.

Yoshinoya's "Beef Suki-nabe" is boiling down - YouTube

Because it is boiled with solid fuel, it is hot for a while after offering.

Unlike menu pictures, beef loses redness as heat passes and the split is a dark eye.

Ingredients such as long onion, onion, Chinese cabbage and flat noodles are the same as last year.

Tofu was not cotton baked tofu, but silk was used.

First of all, when you eat beef using aged meat, the taste of the dish is sweeter than the beef bowl and you will receive the impression different from beef bowl. The ripened meat was more palatable than what was offered last year but it was an impression that it was not defeated even by the sweet splitting but as for the beef used in the pot, it was felt a little bit of fat.

Beef boiled in a sweet dish is excellent with compatibility with rice. Because it is less greasy than beef bowl, I felt that I could eat lightly.

If you eat to a certain extent you call eggs ......

It is good to soak and eat sukiyaki. More rich will be added, rice will be the taste to go forward.

The vegetables firmly have a texture, and it seems to be good for health, with a large amount.

Noodles are thick and slippery texture. It is flat noodle so it does not mean it has grown.

Although the tofu was not soaked up to that extent, it was a soft texture with azu.

Beef tiger pan served in the same set as beef sukiyakusho, but no eggs are attached.

Beef used the same aged meat as the beef chickenpot.

Sauce is pretty red and looks quite spicy.

Vegetables and ... ...

The same is true for tofu and flat noodles, but the impression differs from bovine beef pot as it smells of kimchi and sesame oil.

First of all, when eating beef, refreshing sourness · fragrance of sesame oil · ripe pepper and vegetable umami are felt and it seems like a kimchee pot taste. It looks red but its spicyness is not that strong, so it's finished in a taste that seems to be eatable except for those who really do not like spicy food.

Even if you eat boiled cabbage with rice or beef, it is good. Because the sauce has a pungent taste, the sweetness of Chinese cabbage is more prominent.

It seemed that flat beef noodles are better than bovine beef pot because beef tige sauce is less salty and sweet and easier to eat.

Tofu is compatible with sauce with moderately pungent sauce.

Pickles vary depending on the store, but when eating beef tige sauce with moderately pungent taste, I felt that sweet pickled Fukushima well suited well.

"Beef suki pot sauce" and "Beef Tige pot salad" are 630 yen including tax. As a menu of Yoshinoya, it is slightly expensive, but it is a menu that seems to be around 1000 yen when eating at a Japanese restaurant, so it is recommended when you want to taste a little luxurious feeling.

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