Directly connected to Ginza station · 10-second high-buckwheat noodle from the ticket gate "Buckwheat noodoshi Ginza 5"

The subway Ginza station direct connection leaves the ticket gate and the soba shop is at a distance of less than 10 seconds,Buckwheat noodle soup GINZA 5"is. Aside from its convenience, it is quick to come out with ordered items, and the volume that is likely to be available for 2 servings of a similar side bucket is also uri. I got hungry for lunch at a little early time and got hungry at Ginza, I was about to walk around and I thought about the existence of this shop, so I went to eat.

My company: buckwheat noodoshi GINZA 5

When I left the ticket gate of Ginza station on the Marunouchi Line, the staircase on the left side is the exit C1Ginza FiveIt leads to.

The closest to the train station is "buckwheat noodoshi GINZA 5" (formerly known as my side GINZA 5). As soon as you go up the stairs, it's just an entrance so you will leave the ticket gate and arrive in seconds.

The menu is numbered as "No. 1" "my meat buckwheat (700 yen)", the number 2 is "my chicken soba (600 yen)", and when ordering, say "No. 2" Just OK.

The side menu for the evening is also substantial.

This is an alcohol

On this day, because the paper called "First Anniversary Wagyu Beef Cattle A 5 My Meat Soba" (1280 yen) was out, we decided to order this.

As I arrived before opening the store, I came back to the store after opening the store at 11 o'clock after crushing a little time, but the customers were already making a queue before the counter. The noon in Ginza is serious.

There are also rice, but this time it is through.

With less than 5 minutes to order, meat buckwheat with Yuzu pepper arrives. Inside the shop there are 22 seats at the end, all others are upright. I seated this time.

First of all, the instrument is big. And, because sesame, green onions, and glue are plenty packed, you can not see soba.

The soup is quite sweet, maybe it does not suit people who say "more soy sauce-like taste".

The main meat is sliced ​​thin and soft and it does not interfere with sipping soba.

Along with soba, slurp. As you can boast that "the amount of soba noodles is more than double that of a normal buckwheat shop!", The response to eating is more than enough.

It was worrying how to eat large amounts of pasta. Because it was warm soba this time, the sweet taste of the soup wrapped the whole buckwheat, the feeling that the taste of the meat broke into it. If this is the only large volume, it is convinced that Yuzu pepper will come along that will change the taste on the way.

Anyway, I'd recommend people who want to pack up on the stomach in a hurry, who is in a hurry but who wants to emphasize the volume.

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