I tried the high end "The Executive Top with Sapphire Tip" made of polished copper and sapphire embedded

High-end coma with longer rotation time compared with general frame, and more highly designedThe Executive Top with Sapphire Tip"is. The rotation time is about 4 minutes long and 12 minutes long, so I actually got it and tried it.

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The Executive Top is in a stylish design box.

Inside the box there was a The Executive Top in the bag and a wooden pedestal.

The Executive Top is made of copper, the craftsman cut it by machine one by one and polished beautifully with sandpaper for finishing.

It's lighter than 65 grams and smartphones you normally get on, but I feel a weight that you would like to wear when placed in the palm for copper.

When viewed from the side, it is different from a general frame in the centerMandrelIt does not protrude below the bottom.

In the center of the bottom surface, sapphire scraped spherically is embedded in the part where mandrel comes out if it is a general frame. Although sapphire is expensive, it seems that rotation time of the frame becomes longer by embedding sapphire.

When I put it on a tree pedestal ... ...

The luxurious feeling is getting stronger and it seems to be used as an interior to decorate in the room.

I will actually turn around looking at the exterior.

You can see how you turned The Executive Top from the following movie.

I tried 'The Executive Top with Sapphire Tip' - YouTube

As I rotated, I was turning while tilting obliquely at the beginning, but I gradually rebuild my body and become level with the ground. When the frame becomes horizontal, it rotates quietly so that it can not be distinguished whether it is stopped or turning even if it is seen from the end. In the movie above, it has been around for about 3 minutes and 30 seconds, but according to the developers it seems to continue rotating for up to 12 minutes.

This time it's Cloud FundingThe Executive Top had been on KickstarterI got it by investing in it, but at that time I got a mini version of The Executive Top as a bonus to stake with my fingertips as a contribution bonus.

If you look at the mini version side by side with The Executive Top, you will know its size well.

In the mini version of The Executive Top, sapphire is also embedded on the bottom.

So that you can see the mini version of The Executive Top from the movie below.

I tried a mini version of "The Executive Top with Sapphire Tip" - YouTube

beforeA frame named "EDC Tops" that had been exhibitedI got it from Kickstarter and found that I got the Executive Top this time because the improved version is far more than expected and the Executive Top is the improved version. So I think that I'd like to turn it back because I got a "EDC Tops" previously obtained and a "Pocket Teetotum" attached with a bonus.

EDC Tops is similar in shape to The Executive Top, but its size is small.

Brass made EDC Tops is also troubled.

Unlike The Executive Top, a small ball made of tungsten carbide is embedded in the bottom.

I will actually turn EDC Tops. How to turn is OK in the same way as The Executive Top.

You can see how you actually turned EDC Tops from the following movie. The length of the movie was 1 minute, but it continued to rotate for about 2 minutes 30 seconds. When you get used to it you will rotate from 5 minutes to 9 minutes.

I turned "EDC Tops" - YouTube

This is Pocket Teetotum and Tiny Pocket Teetotum, which came together with EDC Tops. There are six sides on each side of the fuselage, with alphabets and numbers engraved.

Pocket Teetotum and Tiny Pocket Teetotum are made brass as well as EDC Tops. However, the bottom is rounded and no special small balls are attached.

Let's actually turn Pocket Teetotum. It is quite difficult to turn, it is necessary to rotate at high speed so that the axis does not shake while pinching.

I was able to successfully rotate while failing several times to turn. You can see how the Pocket Teetotum is rotating from the following movie.

I turned "Pocket Teetotum" - YouTube

"The Executive Top with Sapphire Tip" is not on sale, but "EDC Tops"Official siteIt is on sale for 52 dollars (about 6200 yen). Pocket Teetotum is sold for $ 40 (about 4800 yen), but it was sold out at the time of article writing. Although the value can be extended as a frame, it is likely to be used as an interior because it has a long rotation time and high design.

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