"Tumblin 'Dice" which repels dice like curling, technique, wisdom, luck and chest are tried on board

A board game such as curling which repels dice by fingers, competes points by targeting a high score area which is difficult to drop the dice of other players or putting it on "Tumblin 'Dice"is.Eagle Games & Gryphon GamesMr. Rick and Randy created the board game where various elements such as technique, wisdom, luck and lucky are questioned.

Tumblin 'Dice - Jump, Bump & Tumble Your Way to Victory! By Gryphon and Eagle Games - Kickstarter

If Tumblin 'Dice watches the following movie, what kind of board game enters into your head with a single shot.

This is the package of Tumblin 'Dice. It's a bit old-fashioned but the fun as a game is first grade.

A rolling dice.

An illustration of a dice with a number "3" and a "?" Mark on the board rolling the dice.

The rules of the game are very simple, just by finger-pounding your own dice with each finger from the edge of the board.

A dice repelled by a finger is crouching ... ...

It stopped in the zone written "3". We multiply the eyes from the dice and the number written in the area and finally calculate the points of each player.

Since there are areas written as "0" "1" "2" "3" "4" on the board, it is a place where I want to place dice in the area of ​​"4", but this is extremely narrow, so be careful .

It is here to flip the dice in the game.

1 if there is a die with 1 eye on "1".

If there is a die with 2 eyes in the area of ​​"2", 4 points.

If the eyes of the dice listed in "3" is 3, 9 points.

If you put it on "4" the score will jump at a stretch.

However, ...

Players can use dice four at a time, to the dice in each area ......

Even if you hit a dice and blow it away OK. So it's a game where you can try playing order and techniques to repel dice, bargaining with other players, luck with good dice, and how to score high score areas.

Such Tumblin 'Dice is currently a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are collecting more than $ 51,000 (about 6.1 million yen) which is more than double the target amount of 25,000 dollars (about 3 million yen) while we are seeking investment, Almost certain. More than 600 people have already invested in Tumblin 'Dice, and you can get all the benefits of Tumblin' Dice one and stretch goal with a contribution of 60 dollars (about 7200 yen), and $ 50 extra for delivery to Japan 6000 yen) is required.

The contents of the stretch goal that new benefits can get when the total investment in the project increases will be as follows. At the time of article writing, the investment amount is about $ 51,000 gathered, so we can get to the second "THE PURPLE PUMM'LER". Contents of each stretch goal increased by more than 40,000 dollars (about 4.8 million yen), the color variation of the 6-sided dice increased, 8 dice which can be used during the game exceeding 50,000 dollars (about 6 million yen), $ 60,000 (Approx. 7.2 million yen) breakthrough 10 dice dice, 70,000 dollars (about 8.4 million yen) breakthrough so that you can get custom items that can be used in other games.

The deadline for "Tumblin 'Dice" is 14:35 on 4th April 2015.

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