Dice that creates a near future futuristic atmosphere with a calculated complex design "AKO DICE"

Regular hexahedralDiceIt has been used since ancient times, and still still familiar. While keeping the traditional design of such a dice, using the latest technology and making it a futuristic smooth design was "AKO DICE"is. Simple and prettyNew AgeIt has become a complex design inspired by.


AKO DICE by Kacha - Kickstarter

There are several kinds of AKO DICE. First of all, the following are dice of natural specification.

And the other is an anodized black dice.

AKO DICE is a 16 mm square six-sided dice carved. Many dice show the number by circle on each side, but in the case of AKO DICE, the point is indicated by "line". Each corner is designed to be smooth, it is not sharp, so it will fit in your hands when used.

Also, despite the fact that each side shows a different number, the "line" representing the number is a magical design straddling the face.

The prototype of AKO DICE has already been completed and we are currently recruiting funds for commercialization at Kickstarter, a cloud-funding platform. The target amount of the AKO DICE project was set at 5000 dollars (about 600,000 yen), but it has already succeeded in collecting more than $ 39,000 (about 4.6 million yen), and red and blue It is decided to manufacture dice and stainless steel dice. This is red AKO DICE.


AKO DICE of stainless steel finish is like this.

The capital contribution was prepared from 12 dollars (about 1400 yen), but only the one that is currently remaining is $ 15 (about 1800 yen). You can get your favorite type of AKO DICE with 2 sets if you do a $ 15 investment.

For example, natural set of 2 pieces.

It is a set of black dice subjected to anodizing treatment and those of natural specification.

You can choose your favorite combination, such as a set of two black dice.

The set of dice is scheduled to arrive at hand as it is in a box like the following.

The deadline is 1:33 on March 4, 2015 in Japan time.

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