I tried turning the frame "ForeverSpin" that seems to appear in the movie "Inception" to wake up from the world of nihilism

Frames made with highly accurate lathe "ForeverSpin"Is a movie"InceptionIt is characterized by a smooth curve reminiscent of the items that appeared in ". Since it seems that it seems to be stationary when turning ForeverSpin precisely machined from one metal well, it actually turned.

ForeverSpin - Perfectly Balanced Spinning Tops

When we ordered a total of six ForeverSpin, they were sent in boxes one by one.

Three types, "24K Gold Plated (24K plating)", "Mirror (mirror processing)" and "Brush (brush processing)" were purchased this time.

Opened with Pakari from 24K plating. There was a small bag made of cloth inside.

This is ForeverSpin of 24K plating. It is polished by gold pika and it seems to be misunderstood.

The size is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. If so it could be carried in your pocket in your chest and trousers.

When viewed from the side, the center part of the frame spreads in a disk shape, and a smooth curve is an item that appeared in the movie "Inception"totemIt reminds me of.

The bottom of the frame is a low protrusion.

Next, take out ForeverSpin of "Mirror processing" and "Brush processing" from the box.

The mirrored ForeverSpin is polished as shiny as the 24K plating, and the surrounding things are reflected.

The brushed ForeverSpin is most similar to the totem that appeared in the reception.

When you look at mirror processing and brush processing side by side, you can understand the difference of processing of the surface well.

I tried three kinds of ForeverSpin.

So I will turn 24K plated ForeverSpin.

The appearance of turning 24K plated ForeverSpin can be confirmed from the following movie.

I turned 24K plated "ForeverSpin" - YouTube

When turning coma vigorously, the force is overloaded or the axis is not very stable.

However, from around 30 seconds passed, almost no shakiness was seen and it seems that it is stopped.

Looking up it is like this. Although it became less transmitted from the image, the stability feeling was beyond the surprising level anymore.

It began to flutter around 1 minute 20 seconds passed, and finally rotation stopped at about 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Next I tried mirror processing "ForeverSpin". The way of turning did not work, but the rotation time has exceeded 1 minute.

I tried mirror processing "ForeverSpin" - YouTube

You can see how you turned the brushed "ForeverSpin" from the following movie.

I tried brushing "ForeverSpin" - YouTube

I tried ForeverSpin several times, but as I turned around it was about 1 minute or so, this time I tried turning it on a plate with a slick face and less resistance.

When you rotate "ForeverSpin" on the plate, you can see how long it will rotate from the following movie.

I turned "ForeverSpin" on the dish - YouTube

At the end I attempted to rotate all 6 pieces ordered at the same time, but I was abandoned because of collision or failure to get together in one place. It is not enough that we can not distinguish between dreams and reality as much as we have to turn six, so it is enough to turn one.

In addition,ForeverSpinYou can purchase from the official website, the price for 24K plating is 58 dollars (about 6200 yen) · mirror / brush processing is 28 dollars (about 3000 yen), delivery to Japan is free.

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