How to sharpen a knife

How to sharpen knives such as kitchen knife, knife, scissors. Even though basically all of them use grinding wheels to sharpen them, it is necessary to keep the grinding stones themselves flat and flat. And, of course it is quite reasonable, but basically it is sharp rather than obtuse, sharp. It is easy for me to realize that it is obtuse when noticing it, but it is a trick to keep sharp corners while sharpening. The biggest difference between the case where a craftsman is trained and the case of being crafted is Kore.

Also, there are some conditions such as "the blade is missing" and an easy confirmation method of the state where the blade has been ground.
Knife Sharpening Tricks

Whether or not the blade is spilling is not horizontal but it seems to illuminate the blade itself, I see. The view is on the following page with pictures. You certainly understand when you apply sunlight to the kitchen knife at hand. It's easier to see than from the side.

Step 1: Look at the Edge

Also, put it on the nail and see the condition of the cut. I did not know this.

Step 2: Thumbnail test the edge

The grinding stone is bad if it feels like the following, so make it straight.

Step 3: Flatten the Stone

Just straighten the grinding wheel and the grinding stone like this surely in a flat place.

Step 4: Flatten Away

The following site is polite as to how to reposition the grindstone.

Knife cutter knife, knife selection masters: Watanabe Cutlery Manufactory

Sharpen as much as possible as much as possible.

Step 5: Thin the Edge

The following sites are detailed about how to sharpen. The knots of how to sharpen each Japanese knife and western kitchen knife are written.

How to sharpen knives

How to sharpen knives | Sakaiwa Knives and Sakai Shoji Online

Since there is no meaning when "blade return" occurs, how to finish it will be on the site below with an illustration.

How to sharpen a knife using a grindstone

In addition, there is a PDF file that summarizes how to sharpen at the bottom of the following page. Easy to understand.

Let's sharpen knives more easily

She seems to be able to sharpen with scissors etc. with similar reasoning.

Anyway the kitchen knife may be a bit stupid at this moment, so to improve the sharpness, use the backside of a pot made cup or the backside of a tea bowl. Originally flat, so sharpen it sharply. You can easily double the sharpness. However, it will be great if you do not trim properly later.

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