How to make a missile launcher using things close to your pen etc.

All you need is ballpoint pen and rubber band, fixing tape, knife or scissors. The rubber bands may be those that are not very long, and if they are hard, their strength will increase. Who would like to try making a person who likes DIY?

The way to make it is from the following.

First of all prepare ballpoint pen, rubber band, tape, knife.

Cut a tip of the pen a bit, so that the core of the ballpoint pen passes. Fix the rubber band crossed there.

You can scratch the end of it.

Put the core from the one where the rubber band is not installed, and hook the rubber band and pull it.

A mechanism that fly swiftly if you release the pull core. Since there is enough power to penetrate cardboard, you should not turn it towards people.

Introduction of a different way of making.

YouTube - Making a Blow Dart Gun From A Simple Bic Pen

Here I use a pen like a pen pencil and make something like a blowjob.

Fix the needle to the one that becomes the base of the arrow. Because it will blow this, it is good to have no gap.

Leave only the pen holding the barrel only and fixing the pen tip. Set arrows there.

Blown arrow completed. "Although it is an ordinary pen when you cap it, it will be a blowpipe in 3 seconds," but it seems impossible to set it in 3 seconds. Of course, you should not turn it towards people.

The one with the most power is the one of the following slightly troublesome making. It only has its hands on it, it is about the force that pierces the wall.
Dangerous Pen Dart Gun Video

Even if you make a mistake, you should not shoot at people. Even if there is something to make, it is self-responsibility, so please be careful and make it.

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