We can make weapons while using office stationery

A method of making weapons that appear in movies using ordinary tools such as pencils, ballpoint pens, clips, rubber bands, cellophane tape, etc. are made public in movies and so it seemed fun, so even in the editorial department I made it, it was more powerful than I expected.

How to Make Office Supplies Crossbow - YouTube

What we are going to make this timeCrossbow. It is an item that you can not find in general life at all.

I will start making it. First of all bind two pencils and tie both ends with a thick rubber band.

Likewise two other pencils are tied up, and here, the buttocks are fixed with cellophane tape.

I will stick two pencil bundles around the circle with rubber bands.

Next time I prepare a ballpoint pen.

Cut the tip of the cap part with scissors ......

Make it cylindrical.

If this is attached to the cross of the pencil, parts that the arrow passes through will be made.

When pulling the rubber band sandwiched between the pencils from the back, the body of the crossbow has approached completion.

Attach the clip to the back of the main body and complete it by inserting the core of the ballpoint pen that fits in the cylinder into the cylinder. It is a mechanism that hits the rubber band with the clip and pops the arrow when releasing the clip.

When the arrow is clogged and it can not be launched well ......

Wrap cellophane tape around the front part of the pencil clip OK.

So I actually made it. All you need is four pencils, a thick rubber band, a ballpoint pen, a cellophane tape, a clip. Because there was a colored pencil instead of having no pencil, I will make it with colored pencil this time.

I worked according to the movie's method, and completed the crossbow with 5 minutes. It really is an instant.

Taking it in your hand is like this.

It is about this size compared with iPhone 5.

At the same time, I made instant instruments with Amazon cardboard boxes and got it by the CEO.

Launch the crossbow that I made earlier towards it!

...... I did, but as the movie did, the arrow will not fly well.

Because the core of the ballpoint pen falls into the groove between the pencil and the pencil, it is because the rubber band does not hit it well, so wrap a cellotape around the movie.

Looking to the ... ...

I tried to hit the arrow, but the arrow fell off the desk at the desk this time without enough power.

What is the cause? As I looked at it, the clip floated when releasing the rubber band, and it looks like it grazes over the core of the ballpoint pen.

So, by rolling over the clip in front of the clip and adjusting the height at which the core is placed, fix the clip further with rubber band so that the clip does not float.

It should be okay with this ... ... It can be confirmed from the following movie how you actually use crossbow.

I tried using the weapon I made while working - YouTube

The core of the ballpoint pen that flew slightly toward the upper right hit the ball. I am using Amazon corrugated board, so there should be some thickness as it is, but the arrows are sticking firmly. The power of the rubber band is pretty, so be careful not to point to people when playing.

In addition, a method to make a crossbow using a pencil and octopus thread without using a ballpoint pen in the part of the bow is made public.

Office Supply Crossbow!

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