How to easily make miniature fire arrows at home

SometimesBack to ChildrenI want to play,Burning Jack LanternYaA glowing vase with a light bulbHandmade etcDaveHaxA way to easily make bow and arrows using the material in the house such as ice candy stick, dental floss, cotton swab ...... was released.

How to Make a Mini Bow and Arrow - YouTube

This is the completed shape of the bow and arrow that we are making. It is small, but it fulfills its function properly as a bow and arrow.

First we prepare sticks to remain after eating ice candy.

In order to make the bow fresh, soak the stick in water for 30 minutes and soften it.

After 30 minutes, wipe off the water tightly ......

I will use a nail clipper to cut into the end of the rod.

Please put four cuts in the top and bottom, left and right.

Next it is dental floss.

I will wind this around the slit that I put in earlier.

I will bend the sticks.

I also wound dental floss around the notch on the other side.

Firmly tighten it so as not to unwind.

The bow is completed with this.

I do not break the sticks or dental floss even if I pull the bayong and dental floss.

People who want to arrange can draw a pattern on a stick with a ballpoint pen.

Somehow the atmosphere came out.

Next we created arrows. Even just say, cut one side of the swab.

It is completed.

When I pulled out the bow, I flew well to the wall at a distance.

Of course I can play as a bow and arrow, but I will make it even more.

It is cocktail stick to prepare. You can also bamboo skewers.

I will insert this in a cotton swab.

And put a lot of petrolatum at the end of the swab ... ...


It is burning with fluttering.

Release this safely and place not to worry about the transfer of fire.

Fire in the toy city is released and it is like a panic movie. In addition, prepare the water for a moment's time and let's play.

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