How to break through a chain locked door with a single rubber band

It is a movie of a method that breaks the chain lock with a single rubber band everywhere without using destructive means such as a chain cutter or bar. You can understand how dangerous the idea is that ... you can not get inside from the door if you chain lock.

Details are below.
Very ordinary chain lock is the target.

YouTube - Defeating a sliding chain lock using a rubber band

In the unlikely event that the key is open, the risk of breaking through the lock will increase dramatically.

First, we connect the rubber band to the chain.

Then put the end on the door knob.

Just lightly close the door afterwards.

The door chain is pulled by the rubber and it comes off.

Of course, the chain lock often has a stopper attached to make it hard to get out of the guide, but it is not always that it is not broken. of coursePerfect security door chain as I mentioned in GIGAZINEI wish I could be fine, but ....

Also, it seems that such a U-shaped bracket type door lock does not depend more.

YouTube - Un-Safe Door Lock

Insert metal fittings like large head bars from the gap of the door.

Hold the bracket just by twisting it.

I was able to open the door in a flash.

Both are skills that can not be used unless the door key is open, so it is clear that it is important for security to keep multiple locks.

Also, although it can be done with ease, it is perfectly illegal to open the door arbitrarily and invade it. Let's not imitate absolutely.

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