Bicycle wire lock that explodes and repels a thief when it is disconnected

There are various scary things when using a bicycle such as accident and punk, but the most scary thing is still theft. Even if the key is exactly tight, there is a possibility that it will be disconnected and stolen if it is a thin wire lock or a simple U-shaped lock.

In order to prevent such a brute theft, there seems to be someone who made a key to explain the burglar and mark the bicycle thief when disconnected.

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Final Major Project - SmartLock

"SmartLock" created by Mike Lambourn is marked with dye or colorless insideSmartWaterKey to put liquids such as.

When it is cut, the liquid in the inside is blown out to the surroundings by compressed air and it seems that it is possible to easily discover the criminal and the stolen bicycle.

Demonstration movie. It seems that there is also an effect that it is exploding at a great momentum, surprising the thief and repelling it.
YouTube - Smartlock Video

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