A movie surfing brilliantly on the side of the sidewalk

There is a curb or a guardrail at the boundary between the sidewalk and the roadway, but there are places like a chain stretched between the support and the support. A man is balanced like a surfing on that chain.

Since the chains are often bent, they are not stable even if they sit on, but they are moving well and keep on top of the chain.

The playback of the movie is from the following.
It is dangerous while the car is passing, so I wait.

And as soon as the flow of the car is interrupted, I will take the top of the chain. Pretty feet are trembling, but I am skillfully balancing.

The state of surfing near 20 seconds is as follows.
Surf con cadenas - videos de humor - humor variado | elRellano.com

If it fails and falls, it is the origin of major injury, so let's not imitate it.

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