A perfect security door chain that takes time to unlock

Despite closing the key properly, depending on the type of key you may be unlocked easily by picking etc., but there seems to be a door chain that takes time and effort to unlock.

However, since the person who uses it may have to take some trouble, it may be an unwieldy substitute.

Details are from the following.
Defendius door chain

This is a door chain that is difficult to unlock. The part of the groove that fits the tip of the chain is a maze. It seems that this door chain and the maze type plate are made of 100% titanium alloy.

Looking from afar, it looks like a strict security system is installed.

The pattern of the maze is the same, but it seems to be a completely different maze just turned upside down.

Attaching a key chain is basically when you are inside the house, so it seems likely that it will only make it difficult to go outside.

The set of this keychain and maze type plate pretends to sell for 49 dollars and 99 cents (about 4700 yen) at the following site, but it is supposed to be April fool's story, and in fact it is It seems not to be sold.

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