A hamburger type phone which can be decorated as an interior

There seems to be a hamburger type phone that does not despair even if it is decorated as an interior. If you can not see the modular cable you only see a hamburger figure, so even if there is an incoming call on this phone at an acquaintance's house, you may not know where the sound is ringing.

Details are from the following.
This is a phone with a hamburger shape.

It's more like a cheeseburger than a hamburger.

There is a speaker on the top part.

When opening inside it is like this. Although it is connected to a modular cable, it looks like a strange shaped mobile phone.

The design is important, so the function is simple.

This hamburger type phone is sold for $ 28 (about 2600 yen) at the following site.
UrbanOutfitters.com> Hamburger Phone

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