A smart strap "Sgnl" that enables a smartphone call with a finger as a receiver

A smart strap that allows you to talk on smartphones with your finger as the receiver "Sgnl"is. Even without earphones or headphones, there is no worry of leakage of sound around, you can hear the sound clearly rather than talking on a smartphone alone, and it is a smart device that can be used as an activity meter and so on.

Sgnl - Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertip by Innomdle Lab - Kickstarter

A man listening something with something rolled around his / her wrist.

Many people can not hide the expression of surprise in the clearness of the sound quality.

What they used was Smart Strap 'Sgnl'. It is difficult to imagine what kind of device it is simply by listening that you can talk with your finger.

Sgnl can be wound on an arm by itself, but it can be replaced with a watch or a strap part of a smart watch.

It's easy to use, first connect with smartphone and Sgnl via Bluetooth pairing.

Then, Sgnl vibrates briefly when a call is received on the smartphone and informs us of the call.

To answer the phone tap the silver button attached to Sgnl.

And it is ok if you hit the fingers of the arm wrapping Sgnl against the ear hole.

Sgnl has a device called a BCU (Body Conduction Unit) that converts calls received by smartphones into vibration and makes the call contents heard from the fingertips. Since the vibration to be converted is of low output, there is no harm to the human body, and if you plug a hole in your ear with a finger, the vibration will amplify in your ear and you will hear clear sound.

Even if you get a phone call when there are lots of people around you ......

There is no sound leak if Sgnl so you do not have to worry about listening to the call details around you.

Also, even if you call in a noisy place you can hear clear sound.

Sgnl can be used as a strap of an ordinary watch ... ...

I used it as a strap of a smart watch ......

It can be used alone.

The method of changing the strap of the watch you normally use to Sgnl is explained in the following movie.

Sgnl - Attaching to your classic watch - YouTube

Also, using a dedicated application ... ...

It can also be linked with e-mails, calendar applications, etc.

What will happen if you link with other applications, for example by linking with a reminder application or a calendar application, like a smart watch, it will make the schedule transmit by vibration as a smart watch. Since Sgnl vibrates with a perfect fit to your wrist, you will not miss any important business.

It can also be used as an activity meter.

Since it is wearing it without being separated, it seems to accurately measure the amount of activity of the day.

Such Sgnl is now looking for investment at Kickstarter of the cloud funding site. The offering amount was set at 50,000 dollars, but at the time of writing the article has already gained more than five times more than 250 thousand dollars (about 26 million yen) and it is nearly certain to commercialize it. You can get one Sgnl with an investment of 119 dollars (about 12,000 yen), and a separate shipping fee of $ 24 (about 2500 yen) is required for delivery to Japan.

The deadline for Sgnl's contribution is 23 o'clock on October 8, 2016.

Sgnl - Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertip by Innomdle Lab - Kickstarter

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