"Roadie Tuner" device that will automatically tune when you tell the application the sound of the guitar

It is one of the most important tasks for tuners to play guitar players. As a staff who specializes in such tuningRoddyAlthough it has a role of being such, like Roadie san will automatically perform tuning instead "Roadie Tuner"is. It is compact, can be carried in a pocket, and it has become a powerful tool to tune in several seconds in conjunction with the application.

Roadie Tuner: the ultimate guitarist tool by Band Industries - Kickstarter

A live house signboard will be displayed.

A guitarist heading to the stage with an acoustic guitar.

Sitting and preparing, I put something on the speaker.

I put smartphones and smaller machines than the palm.

When the machine is attached to the peg while ringing the string, the tip turns round and round ......

Tuning is quite easy.

The main body of Roadie Tuner that can be tuned such automatically is like this.

A mechanism to let the smartphone tune the tone color of the string.

Place the smartphone that launched the application near the acoustic guitar.

If you plug the Roadie Tuner into the peg and ring the strings a couple of times, as when tuning with "Ben, Ben" with your fingers ... ...

Turning round the peg to the correct position and tuning, as soon as stopping, the LED light turns from green to blue with the electronic beeping "beep".

Also, in the case of electric guitar, connect the shield to the attached adapter and output directly to the smartphone OK.

After that, just as I attach the Roadie Tuner to the peg, I will just play the strings one by one.

It's easy to carry because it fits in your pocket.

The interface of the application looks like this, deciding which instruments to tune ... ....

In addition to normal tuning, it is also possible to register irregular tuning such as open G tuning and custom tuning of yourself in the application.

Moreover, by memorizing the state of the best of the strings, the function such as "instrument, doctor" which alerts when it is time to change the clothes by listening to the state of the string is also installed.

Also, the direction of rotation of the peg can be changed with a single touch.

CEO Mr. Batham appeared.

Easy tuning of 11 string string instruments that Mr. Batham used in early childhood seems to be hard to tune with Roadie Tuner.

Not limited to 6 string guitar, it can be tuned as long as it can be attached to the peg of the guitar head.

The application and Roadie Tuner connect with Bluetooth 4.0, and it is possible to use it on iOS · Android device.

Tunable in a few seconds after turning on the power, the rechargeable lithium polymer battery corresponds to Micro USB, and it can tune 6000 strings when fully charged. The dimensions of the main body are 5 × 8 cm and the weight is only 100 g.

Roadie Tuner is planning to sell for $ 99 (about 10,000 yen), but if you invest $ 79 (about 8100 yen) to Kickstarter's project, you can get one set of Roadie Tuner body and electric guitar adapter. Dispatch outside the United States requires a separate $ 15 (about 1500 yen).

In addition, Roadie Tuner gathered more than twice the $ 130,1456 (about 1.353 million yen) contribution more than twice the target capital contribution of 60,000 dollars (about 6,170,000 yen) at the time of article writing, and it is definitely commercialized. The deadline for investment is Japan time on January 5, 2014, until 12:00 noon.

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